The Templar Hymn

Non Nobis Domine

by Rudyard Kipling, 1934

  • Non nobis domine

  • Not unto us, O Lord!

  • The Praise or Glory be

  • Of any deed or word;

  • For in Thy judgement lies

  • To crown or bring to nought

  • All knowledge or device

  • That Man has reached or wrought.

  • And we confess our blame -

  • How all too high we hold

  • That noise which men call fame

  • That dross which men call gold.

  • For these we undergo

  • Our hot and godless days,

  • But in our hearts we know

  • Not unto us the Praise.

  • O Power by whom we live -

  • Creator, Judge and Friend,

  • Upholdingly forgive

  • Not fail us at the end:

  • But grant us well to see

  • In all our piteous ways -

  • Non nobis domine! -

  • Not to us the Praise

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