Malcolm Caithness, Hereditary Chief of Clan Sinclair

Well, which is it, Malcolm Caithness or Malcolm Sinclair? 

Malcolm's family name is Sinclair but when you have a title, you sometimes drop the family name as it is understood by all exactly what that is and the land title is substituted.  John Sinclair who is Viscount Thurso, is always called John Thurso by people in Caithness and the Lords.  Peter St. Clair Erskine is the Earl of Rosslyn and he is called Peter Rosslyn. Often when people with titles sign their names, they use only the place-name "Thurso"   or "Caithness".  The usage of titles and proper names is a very highly developed art and is subject to the most minute rules of protocol. This is just one of them. - Source, Rory Sinclair, President, Clan Sinclair Canada

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