Bryson Ian Sinclair Arrives, October 14, 2004 - Album #1

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We'll have a new baby soon. Both Mommy and Kailey can hardly wait (at this time, perhaps for different reasons).

Grammy on the left and Bryan on the right with Kimmie in the middle ... and Bryson not sure if it's ok to come out yet!

Julie was the best all evening!

It's hard to cut the umbilical cord with tears of happiness in my eyes, but Kimmie gave me the honors and I gladly accepted.

Little Princess, "ya done good!"

Hey, can't ever forget about these two ... and Aidan is here some place!

There he is with Thomas.

I think that Lynne's a little bit proud!

Dr. Kofoed delivered little Bryson as she did his big sister Kailey 6+ years earlier.

Yep, Dr. Kofoed delivered this one also and we were so excited when we found out that she was on duty for Kimmie and Bryson.

Me and my baby girl. I don't care how old she is, she's still my baby girl.

Kimmie and Kailey finally have time to say "I love you".

Well, Kailey, do you think we ought to keep him?

Brian's mom checking things out.

Proud mom and dad.

Brian, getting some motherly advice.

Son Thomas with #1 girl Kailey.

It was a long and difficult road for this one, but now and for this moment in time, all is well with the world.

Brian and Kimmie, with Kailey and the new born Bryson.

What a trio! Kailey is really looking forward to being a big sister. We'll check back in a few years.

Lynne, Kim, and Kailey .... three generations.


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