Bryson Ian Sinclair Arrives, October 14, 2004 - Album #2

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l. to r. - Lynne, Kailey, Bryson, Kim, and Mel

A bunch of Sinclairs and a couple of Hollands.

Daughters-in-law, left and right, Kim (Mike's wife) and Jenna (Thomas's wife).

Kim's cousins, Haley on the left and sister Alana on the right.

Part of Clan Sinclair with son Mike to the left of me.

Thomas and Jenna ... well, when Thomas finishes law school there will be more little ones coming to the Clan! No rush guys!

Mike gets a close look.

Liam get's "sticker's" for Thomas and Kailey.

...and Liam get's stickers for Granddad too! (and I love it!)

Those are our three "children" to carry the name forward and walk their own paths ... l.to r. Mike (holding son Liam), Kimberly, and Thomas.

The star of the show! Bryson Ian Sinclair!

I just so happened to have a Sinlair Tartan handy today! I think that Dress Red is my favorite.

My #1 girl Kailey, holding her brother.

Liam, Mike's son, joins the show. That boy is a ball of energy and we love to play together!

Well, here are all of the current "Grands" except for little Bryson.

... and Kim has him.

The four Grands. God has blessed me so dearly with a wonderful wife, three super children, and these fantastic grands.

Now, isn't this special.

See ya!


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