Charleston (South Carolina) Highland Games and Scottish Gathering, September 20, 2003

The South Carolina Sinclair Clan had a great time at the Charleston (South Carolina) Highland Games and Scottish Gathering. We were glad to see some of the Grandfather Mt. attendees as well as some “new” folks.  The weather was sunny and warm with only an occasional mosquito or two (or three, etc.).  Chris St. Clair, who finished third in the professional heavy athletics in 2002, did well again this year.  We had a new experience this year as we camped for the first time in about 20 years. Yes, I know, it's hard to believe that I'm that old. <grin>  The KOA campground was about 10 minutes from the Games site (Boone Hall Plantation) and it was very convenient.  We plan to camp at the Stone Mt. Games in October!  Hope to see some of you there.

If you haven't attended the Charleston Games, please consider attending in the future. Excellent Games and a friendly, historic city.

First of all, two photos from "Aunt Kim":


                      Mike, Kailey and Liam                            Liam

....and now for the rest of the photos!

Grammy and Kailey man the tent ... ready for the day to start!

Beautiful setting. This is the athletic field with trees in the center.

And the gates are open!

Chris St. Clair, competing in the Pro heavy athletic class events

Nice shaded area for many of the tents, events, and vendors.

View of part of the vendor area, etc.

Cousin Clan Gunn

Dunedin Scottish ... I've spent many a dollar with Darrel and Fran McDonald of Dunedin Scottish. They are great people to work with!

Aren't they cute! Kailey can't wait to compete, but there's not an instructor within 100 miles of here! Drat!

Pipers from our home town of Greenville, SC. They are really good and partially supported by our local St. Andrews Society.

Clan Sinclair across a portion of the field.

Clan Gregor, Lynne's Clan

Kailey's favorite part of the Games.

Well, here we are leaving the field after the parade, little Kailey holding up the center of the banner.

Chris St. Clair tosses the sheaf very high and over! A fellow on the field got between Chris and my camera as he tossed it!

Grand son Liam, off with his kilt and with patriot fry in hand, takes a short snooze.

Now, back at the campsite, I discover a sail boat! Remarkable!

A view of some of the campers.

The playground.

Pool and Rec building.

Miniature golf.

Neat little lake path. Lynne and I were ambushed by a roving band of mosquitoes.

Nice lake, limit two fish per day.

The Sinclair's first camping trip in about 20 years.

A squirrel got Kailey's "peanut butter and jelly" leftover sandwich out of our trash and ate it. What a hoot!

Peanut butter and jelly must agree with this little squirrel.

Well, time to head back to Greenville, SC. We'll saddle up in the Tahoe and yell ..... Camper ho!