Kailey's first trip to the Dentist!   If you are in the Greenville, SC area and need an excellent dentist and staff, let me know!

This Dentist thing looks pretty easy so far!

It took a while just to get the bib on.

You're going to love this, Kailey

Kim was great with Kailey!

See, we'll squirt Mommie a little bit

Now, Mr. Thirsty gets the water out

Hmmmm, I'm not convinced (hand over mouth)

Nope, not yet .... I'm just not ready!

Look how easy! What flavor do you like?

Jackie stops in to check. She remembers Mommie when she first came to see Dr. Rundberg! Of course, Jackie was only 15 at that time. <g>

See ....

Now about that?

Good job!

Not bad at all

I wonder what is next

A little flossing

Look what I got! Wow! Mommie looks like she is missing a few teeth, due to the top of the toothbrush packaging.

Ooops, not in my mouth!

OK, back to Mommie again ... see?

Yep, I can do it.

You have to keep these adults on their toes! They might just put anything in your mouth!

Aaaahhhh! Now for the loot! (and I haven't even seen the dentest yet! he-he!

All clean now!

Kailey opens wide as soon as the doctor enters the room

I'm ready Doc ... check these ivories!

Kailey, did you know that I checked your Mommie's teeth when she was your age? (Dr. Rundberg was 18 when he started his dental practice. <grin>)

Looking good! You certainly are a big girl!

Kailey gives Dr. Rundberg a check ... she filled it out herself! Hey, it works for me. <g>

Gimme five, Kailey!

We made it ... the first visit to the dentist was great! Thanks to Dr. Rundberg, Kim, and Mommie, and the entire staff!



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