Grandfather Mountain Highland Games 2003

The weather cooperated this year on Saturday and Sunday of the Games.  There was a "downpour" with thunder and lightening during the torchlight ceremony on Thursday night, however the ceremony continued in spite of it all (including problems with the PA system).  I'm glad that wool dries relatively quickly! The Sinclair Clan enjoyed the Games and the fellowship, although we missed our son, Thomas and his wife Jenna.  Several of the Sinclair cousins were absent from the Games and we really missed seeing them, but after hearing about weddings and funerals, we certainly understood.

I stayed pretty close to the tent this year so the photos of the activities are somewhat limited.  We met new cousins including a cousin who had traced his family back to the "Caithness area".  He noticed his name on our list of Septs!  He was very excited, although a little disappointed that he had recently ordered a "Caithness area" kilt, not knowing his link to the Sinclairs.  We also increased the membership of Clan Sinclair while there. 

What was most memorable about the Games?  We were honored to have past President of Clan Sinclair Association USA, Inc., in attendance from the Friday evening banquet until Sunday afternoon!  Brad Sinclair Barker, it was truly great to see you and your lovely wife Sindy at the Games.  We even "strategized" about the 2004 Games.  Yes, there may be a surprise on the way .... stay tuned to this website!

Now for the "most special" thing about the GMHG through Granddaughter Kailey's eyes: "Well, there were two things.  I liked petting the sheep and also the way the clouds looked like the cross on the Scottish Flag."  Ahhhh, for the simpler things in life.  It *is* refreshing!

Congrats again to Ron Sinclair who has a beautiful voice and sang the National Anthem each day and performed at the Ceilidh (Friday and Saturday evenings), as he did in 2002.  Ron has a CD coming out in September and it will be promoted on this website.  Also congrats to Chris St. Clair as he continues to do well in the heavy athletics.  Mary Susan Sinclair, international dance champion, suffered an ankle injury during the dance competition and was forced to withdraw.  I think that's the only reason she didn't win!  She will be competing at the World competition in Scotland in August.  It's always a pleasure to watch her compete and to chat with her mom!  What a treat to have Georgia Commissioner Stan St. Clair, and his lovely wife Rhonda, in attendance.  Stan and Rhonda, it was great to see you both at the GMHG and we plan to see you at Stone Mountain in October.  Rhonda took the group photo at the tent on Saturday. 

If you haven't attended the Grandfather Mt. Games and can do so, please plan to attend.  Lynne and I would enjoy meeting you!  Now for the photos!

Click on any of the "Thumbnails" for a larger photo.

Parade of the Tartans with Clan Sinclair

Eyes Right for the Reviewing Stand. Great looking Clan!

Cropped photo from the Parade of the Tartans with #1 Granddaughter (Kailey), Daughter (in-law) Kim, and #1 Grandson (Liam)

Brad and Sindy man the tent. Thanks!

Seated, Brad Barker, past Pres. of Clan Sinclair; standing l. to r., Mel, Sindy Barker, Chris Gott, Lynne, Chris St. Clair, Stan St.Clair (Ga. Comm.)

Mel with Ron Sinclair (right). Ron opened the Games each day by singing the National Anthem. He also performed at the Ceilidh.

Mel and Lynne Sinclair

#1 Daughter Kimberly and her friend.

Our lovely daughter (in law) Kim with her little Liam.

The two Grands! Kailey and Liam (l. to r.)

Liam calls it a day!



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