Clan Sinclair Photos from Sunday


Rory jumps right into the massed bands and pipes away.

Clan Sinclair Tent across the field from the reviewing stand.

Malcolm, left leads as Honored Guest. Mel follows as his Standard Bearer.

Clan Sinclair is here!

Three Knights Templar, l. to r., President Donald Sinclair, Steve Kelly and Mel Sinclair

Son Mike helping his big boy get ready for a race.

Malcolm with my "real cousins" Sara Stribling, Kelley, Lisa Burns, and Robbie Burns with little Sally in front.

Sindy's daughter Kelly (r.) with my number one girl Kailey.

Kailey visited the Children's tent

Grandson Liam rested after a nap.

Grandson Aidan ready to carry the torch!

Clan Representatives Photo

Rory, front and center with the Grandfather Mt. Games officials

Guess who missed out on the Clan representatives photo? The Chief and Mel! Drat!

Chief, we had to travel over 2 hours, but we found it!

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