Greenville Highland Games 2010

HRH The Prince Edward, Very Distinguished Guest

The Rt Honorable The Earl of Caithness, Malcolm Sinclair, Honored Guest

This page and links from this page represent photos taken at the Greater Greenville Highland Games (  I serve on the board of directors for the Games and have specific responsibilities for the Clan events.  Only with a focused, committed, and highly self-motivated clans committee could the clan events and activities be accomplished in such a fine fashion.  Hats off to a great team!

The photos were all taken by others and made available to me.  I have more coming but wanted to get these up quickly.  These photos pertain to the Clans or to Clan Sinclair (CS) specifically.  Clan Sinclair was "well-feathered" as the Chief, Rory Sinclair (President, CS-Canada), and Mel Sinclair (me..President of CS-USA) were on hand to serve the clan.  I was honored to escort the Prince around the Clan tent area and introduce him to several of the clans.  Caithness, our Clan Chief and Privy Counselor to the Queen, was his charming self and accompanied us on our tour.  With the Chief present and close by, my confidence improved!  It was a wonderful opportunity as we had the opportunity to speak with the Prince on Thursday evening prior to the games activities and on Saturday for the walk-about among the clans and for a private luncheon.

Highlights from this year's games were many.  Meeting and interfacing with the Prince was certainly something that I never envisioned.  A special highlight of the games was meeting new Clan Sinclair members, renewing Clan Sinclair friendships, and capping things off with the Clan Sinclair Banquet on Saturday evening. Serving such a special group (Clan Sinclair Association) is more than I had ever imagined.  Although the Chief and I were invited to a reception for the Prince on Saturday evening, there was no doubt where we should be...with our Clan at the Clan Sinclair Banquet.  Yet another very special opportunity involves my role on the Greenville Games Board.  Meeting and working with members of other clans has also enriched my life.  Many of the clans at the Games have been with us for much of our 5 year history.  They are like family and I look forward to seeing each of them.  The Friday downtown parade was very well attended as was the Clans Reception afterward.  We had a full house and a lot of fun.  Games day was perfect as the temps were not as warm (ok, not as hot!) as usual and there was a steady breeze.  The Clan Sinclair Banquet on Saturday evening was a load of fun with haggis, Sinclairs, and all! Eight Clan Officers attended and our special guest was Past President Brad Sinclair Barker.  About 20 or so Clan Sinclair members had breakfast with the Chief on Sunday morning and then it was off to the airport for his return trip.  Life is indeed interesting and a bit of a roller coaster ride but never would I have imagined such a grand weekend with friends, family, and the Prince.  If you were not there, you were missed.

Best aye,

Melvin "Mel" Sinclair, Jr., President, Clan Sinclair Association (USA); Executive Board, Greenville Scottish Games and Highland Festival

HRH Prince Edward and Mel on a walk-about

Greenville Games 2010



The Chief Opens the 5th Annual Greenville Games 2010

Sinclairs at the Greenville Games 2010

Chief and Mel on Review Stand for Parade of Tartans

Sinclairs - Downtown Parade Friday

The Clan "on the move"--downtown parade

..and the parade to the Clans Reception

Mel and Prince Edward begin "Walk-about"

Time to move on...

The Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex

Mel escorts the Prince to the Clan Sinclair Tent. The Sinclairs were "well-feathered".

The Prince meets my Princess, wife of almost 40 years, the Gracious Lynne

The Prince meets Lynne and grandsons Liam and Bryson Ian

Mel takes the back seat as the Prince chats with members of Clans Sinclair

..and Mel says "Sir (Prince) did you hear the one about ....."

Chief and Mel in the Tent

The Mel Sinclair Family at the banquet, minus 6 of the seven grands

Family with the Chief!


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