Trick or Treat? 

We had a fun Halloween.  All that was missing was our son Thomas, who is away at law school.  Son, we miss you.  Thomas ... this is for you! 

Click on the thumbnail photo for a larger size.

Kailey and Granddad carve the pumpkins

Kailey loves to "dig in".

Kailey and Grammy separate the seeds.

Concentrating on their "work".

This is a trip!

Kailey and Mommy pumpkin (on the left) and Daddy pumpkin (right). Kailey drew the Daddy pumpkin free-hand. Great job!


Kailey's Aunt Kim and 5 month old Liam.

Kailey and Liam, Bumblebees ready to hit the road for some goodies and especially to brighten some hearts.

Kim, Liam, Kailey, and Mike

Grammy with Bumblebee Liam

Aren't we just very proud!

Aunt Kim puts some "paint" on Kailey's face. Most of us had Kailey's paint on our face by the end of the evening

Liam entertains Grammy and Mike

Ha-ha! Kailey holds up her antennae

Trick or treat, Mr. Jake!

Now to the Kim's parent's house.

Kailey's "painted" nose transfers a bit of paint to Uncle Mike's nose.

Admiring the Grand-son.

Liam loves the attention and Chuck and Marilyn don't mind indulging him. ha-ha!

Words can't describe this scene.

..... nor this one. He's a fine one, Chuck.

Wonder what they are talking about?

Memaw arrives!

Kim, Liam, and Memaw .... just a "little" admiration of the boy.

Now we're off to Jenna's. Patricia, this is one of Kailey's favorite pictures!

Oh, what a crew! Everyone smiling.

Patricia and Liam are planning something.

....hmmm, they are plotting.

A bunch of Sinclairs and Theodores, minus Thomas and Mel (the photographer)

Jenna and little Kailey had a fun time! Note Kailey's paint on Jenna's nose.

Now, at the Hospital. We look into the nursery and Mommy Kimberly is in the foreground, happy to see Kailey

Lots of newborns in the nursery

Isn't the new baby precious. Mommy takes good care of her.

Mommy waving at Kailey

Mommy's friend Hope brings Kailey a treat.

Mel, Kailey, and Kimberly. I love these girls!

Lynne takes photos of (l to r) Mel, Kailey, Mike and Kim with Liam in the carrier "resting"

Time to head to the house. It's been a great evening with friends and family .... and Thomas, we miss you.




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