Kailey's First Day at School (Kindergarten)

...and she did great!  Thanks to a well organized start.  This is Ms. Overman's (Principal) first year at Taylors and things seemed to go so well.  Kailey has an excellent teacher (Ms. Burtner) and teacher's aid. (Ms. Ledbetter).  Kailey was only a "little" teary eyed and only for a few moments.  I took these photos to try to capture the neat school and environment, as well as the star pupil, #1 girl, Kailey, and Mommy Kim.  I took a couple of photos of Grammy who also teaches Kindergarten at Taylors Elementary. 

I think that Kailey is in good hands and can continue to learn and grow in a safe and healthy environment.  I am well pleased with today! 

Click on any of the following photos to view the full size photo.

Taylors Elementary School

Here comes Mommy and Kailey as our favorite crossing guard stops traffic.

We are ready (aren't we?)

Isn't she a sweetie!

Ms. Burtner is very patient as she gets everyone settled.

Kailey finds her seat.

Mommy, do you *have* to leave right now?

Ok, yep, I'm OK ... see you guys later (gulp!).

Kailey loved seeing her name on one of the buses.

Mommy and I pay a visit to Grammy's room.

Grammy takes a second (not a minute) to say hello! What a busy morning as these teachers stay calm and reassuring to the kids on their first day.

This is where I hung out at lunch. I was the "desert" server.

Lunch with the kids ---- at 10:30 am??

Ms. Burtner ... caught her halfway up in this photo!

Ms. Ledbetter helps these little ones.

Principal, Ms. Overman, center - dark suit - takes it all in. Mr. Crain, Asst. Principal, directs traffic. You folks make it look so easy!

Well, ready to go back to the classroom.

Ms. Ledbetter helps get them ready to "retreat" to the class.

A busy hallway to and from the cafeteria.

Ms. Burtner, guiding the little ones back to the class room. How does she do that, without raising her voice?

Isn't this neat!

Welcome Aboard!

Entrance to Grammy's room with "lights out".

Grammy's class had a good lunch!

Mr. Slice added a great deal to the school with his murals! These are just a few samples.

Mural of GSP jetport and also BMW's (logo) USA headquarters.

Mural of "downtown".

Mural of Michelin US Headquarters.

Mural of the Peace Center for the Performing Arts (located down town Greenville).


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