High Hopes

Kailey -- first haircut, 4th birthday, and a trip to the beach, circus and kicking back with Granddad!

High Hopes Words for sing-a-long

First haircut!

That was fun!

Missy get's started

How pretty

How about this?

Kailey and Granddad spend a lot if time in "the swing"

She is precious!

Now we go to the Ringling Bros. circus again

Kailey in her playroom (her office!)

Now, what to work on

Got to do a little art work

Nice, huh?

Kailey's birthday cookie, the big 4

Son Thomas, Daughter Mommie Kim, and soon to be Mommie Kim (Mike's wife)

Man, this looks good!

Yep, passes the taste test.

Papa Sinclair's heart melts as Kailey give a big hug

Kailey and Mommie

... and a precious hug for Papa Tommy!

.. and still more .. big one for Nana

and for Jenna and Thomas

I love to snuggle with Uncle Mike and Aunt Kim

....and not to leave out Grammy and Granddad

...isn't that sweet

Now, Granddad, we're going jogging!

Papa Sinclair just watches the little whirlwind of energy

Kailey gets a rabbit, Jumper, for her birthday. Sloop isn't quite sure what it is!

Papa Sinclair talking with Thomas and Jenna

Lynne, Papa T, and Nanna

Papa Sinclair, Thomas and Jenna

Mommie and Kailey

Kailey and Granddad take a walk to the park

.. life is good!

... loves to swing

.. and slide

...all tuckered out from the park

...isn't she sweet!

Kailey and Granddad have a fun time at the beach!

Wanna play?

Papa Sinclair and Mommie keep watch

... nothing like a little beach sand!

Can't we just stay here?


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