Did Columbus "Discover" America? 

No, and neither did Prince Henry Sinclair, although he visited and lived in North America nearly 100 years before Columbus's famous voyage.  Prince Henry knew that Viking fishermen (Prince Henry was Norse) fished the waters long before his voyage.  As a note, Prince Henry's grandson, William St. Clair, was the builder of Rosslyn Chapel, a story book in stone.  Some of carvings in the Chapel, near Edinburgh, are thought to be maize (corn or Indian corn), not indigenous to the UK or Europe.  Did William learn about this plant from his grandfather, Prince Henry?

For those who may be interested, below are two pdf files related to the pre-Columbian voyage of Prince Henry Sinclair.  Also associated with the voyage is a pdf file related to the Westford Knight.  The Westford Knight is not only important to Clan Sinclair but to Clan Gunn.  This is part of the Clan Sinclair Association (USA) collection of brochures, made available by the work of Ward "Bud" Ginn, Clan Sinclair Historian and Yours Aye (newsletter) editor. 

The actual files are in pdf format.  If you do not have a current pdf reader, a free reader can be downloaded at: http://get.adobe.com/reader

Prince Henry Sinclair

The Westford Knight

I hope you enjoy the short read about each.  More information is available through various Internet sources and books, some even "daring" to claim that the stories are untrue.  Read and research for yourself and reach your own conclusions. 

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