Family fun at the Pumpkin Festival

Kailey, Grammy, Mike, Kim, little Liam, and Granddad had a great time at the Pumpkin Festival.  Kailey, Grammy and Granddad visited Robinson farm, between Marietta and Pumpkintown, afterward and bought a "family" of pumpkins (mommy, daddy, big sister, and little brother pumpkins), petted the animals, enjoyed a hayride, walked the maze through a cornfield, and hay!  We've stopped at this farm before for excellent produce.  We missed Mommy, Thomas and Jenna but hope that they can see some of the fun that we had.


Beautiful day and weather, with some of my favorite people! We missed Mommy Kim and Thomas and Jenna!

Nice crowd and in the shade!

Lots of dancers who really did well.

Grammy and Kailey, center, enjoying the music and dancing.

First of three pony rides. Kailey got braver as the day progressed. The white horse, Sweet Pea, was her favorite.

Kailey still holding on a little

Can we ride again?

Hey, Grandma ... didn't know you were there!

Ride two ... on her other favorite horse. Granddad, why don't you go over there with Grammy. I'm OK.

All my myself, with Grandma in the background

Yep, regular ole cowgirl

Getting the ribbon from atop the greased pole. It took a team effort and a bit of planning.

Great music!

Mike, Kim and Liam

Mike, Kim and baby Liam enjoy watching Kailey's pony ride.

Third ride .... Kailey's got the hang of it

More pickin' and grinnin' ... really good music!

Isn't that just too cute! Kailey in the pumpkin patch.

Petting the little mule

....and the goat.

...and another goat.

Hmmmm, another pony to pet.

...and a duck!

Kailey running for the Hayride!

I was born to go on hayrides!

Grammy and the three legged dog.

"I'm making Grammy's day"

We're off!

Since it was the last ride of the day, the crowd had dwindled and no one on the second "wagon".

Grammy, Kailey, and others work their way through the cornfield maze.

...and into the circle of hay. They are pretending to be Steve, the croc hunter ... see the big (pretend) snake?

The Pumpkin Family: Mommy and Daddy pumpkin, big sister and little brother pumpkin. Kailey took the photo.



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