Photos and Report from the Stone Mountain (Georgia) Highland Games October 2003

What a great weekend for the Games.  With a forecast of 10% chance of rain on Friday afternoon, it rained.  Yep, forecast of 10% chance of rain.  Obviously it was a 100% chance of rain in reality.  The weekend weather was great and the games were excellent.  Commissioner Stan St. Clair did an outstanding job with the Clan tent as we had many visitors.  Since a new grandson, Alex, was born the previous week, his lovely wife Rhonda was where she was supposed to be ... with her daughter and the little one.  Stan had only recently returned to Georgia.  He allowed me to assist him for the weekend and it was indeed a pleasure.

Lynne and I again camped (second time in two months and second time in 20+ years!).  Granddaughter Kailey joined us and we had a wonderful time.

It was a pleasure to see many people that we had met at other Games and events.  I also saw some of my Masonic brothers and several of my friends with the SMOTJ (Knights Templar).  It was indeed good to see them.  Ivan Sinclair (Ivan of Trafalgar on the Sinclair Discussion List) arrived from Indiana.  One of these days I'll have my camera while he is present and will actually get his photo.  Good to see you, my friend!  Glen Cook - how could I have missed you?  Glad that you were at the Games and sorry that I missed chatting with you.  Glen, Stan, Ivan, Loch, Steve, Hal, Smokey, Alisa and others ---- thanks for your friendship!  Of course, it was great for son Michael, Kim and little Liam to join us.  Oh, the Mike Sinclair family is expecting another little one mid-April of 2004.  They must keep in mind that we have the Loch Norman Games in late April.  (grin)

As we were getting ready to leave, I just had one more thing to do.  I had to meet and photograph Lord Lyon.  The Stone Mt. Games marked the first visit to the USA by Lord Lyon, King of Arms, Robin Orr Blair.  After Lynne took our photo, he said that it would be good to have a photo made in front of our Clan Tent.  Gee, I was game.  While we were walking to the tent, he had some very nice things to say about our Chief, Malcolm.  I think that Stan might have been rather surprised to see Lord Lyon walking up to the tent!  Perhaps that is an understatement.  Stan is working on a family coat of arms so this presented an excellent opportunity for him to discuss his works with Lord Lyon.  As some of you know, I could go on and on with such anecdotes. Isn't life grand and isn't it good to be a part of such a great Clan, the lordly line of high Sinclair?  Ok, enough of the report, on with the photos.

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Georgia Commissioner Stan St. Clair, right and Mel (North and South Carolina Commissioner)

Steve (SMOTJ) (r) with Mel

(l to r) Loch, Hal, and Mel

What an honor to meet and talk with Robin Orr Blair, Cord Lyon King of Arms, Special Distinguished Guest (Lord Lyon on the right)

r to l: Stan St. Clair, Lord Lyon, Mel Sinclair

Lord Lyon's tent, near the entrance.

Mel with Brother Smokey and his wife.

Ok, Jeff ... do you know this Clan?

Dancing "lessons" ... pretty neat!

My crew! I missed the others, but glad that (l to r), Kailey, Michael, Liam, Kim, and my spouse and best friend, Lynne, were able to be there.

Great Piping and Drumming!

Vendor area

Mike ducks so that I can get a photo of little Liam putting on Dad's sunglasses with Mom (Kim) looking on.

(l to r) Kailey, Lynne, and South Carolina Clan member Alisa. Alisa is also a revolutionary war reenactor.

Kailey cleaning up a bit at the campground before we grill some dinner.

Kailey is my #1 girl ... Lynne used to be #1, then Kimberly was #1, but now Kailey is quick to say that she is #1.

Nice and easy setup at the Stone Mt. Park campground. Drive only a few minutes, within the park, to the Games.

Kailey, coming off of the field after the children "helped" with the border collie demonstration

Clan Sinclair, with the massed Clans, as the Parade of Tartans marched onto the field.

The Atlanta Pipe band is awesome!

Just before we left, Kailey had to find some shade. Behind the trash can was all that there was!!



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