Mel's Speech

THE Wedding of 2003

Thomas and Jenna Sinclair!

More photos will be posted when the Wedding Album is available

What do the Greeks and Scots have in common?  Are you "Sailing Through Marriage"?  Click here for Mel's rehearsal dinner "talk".

We joked about the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" but it didn't  compare to THIS wedding.  It was absolutely fantastic (and big)!  Good luck to Jenna and Thomas!  We love you!

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Welcome to Clan Sinclair, Jenna! We love you!

What a beautiful bride!


Thomas and Jenna ... aren't they cute!

Granddaughter Kailey and Jenna.

#1 Girl, Granddaughter Kailey

Thomas with #1 sister, Kimberly (our baby girl!)

(l to r) DIL Kimberly with daughter Kimberly

Daughter Kimberly and me (Mel)!

Kimberly and her sweet daughter, Kailey .... these are two of my special girls!

Son Michael, #1 Grandson baby Liam, and Kim. These guys are doing great and I'm very proud of them! Yes, Mike, we should have worn our kilts!

Jenna and Thomas at the Rehearsal Party

Jenna, seated, with (l to r) Jenna's brother A.J., Mel (me) and baby Liam (held by Dad Michael)

Kailey at the bridemaid's luncheon. Kailey told me that no boys were allowed!

Jenna with the flower girls!

Thomas, still smiling after the wedding!

Thomas and Mel before the wedding .... not nervous at all! ha!

Seated left, Scott's mom; standing Scott and Jenna, seated to the right Jessica (Scott's wife)

Jenna and Thomas ham it up at the reception.

Lynne and Mel take to the dance floor

Thomas and Jenna having a great time!

First Dance .... Jenna and Thomas at the reception

Oh, aren't they sweet!

These two make you laugh!

Son Mike and DIL Kim --- don't they make a gorgeous couple!

Three flower girls

Liam and Mommy Kim

Thomas and Jenna at rehearsal party

Before the guest arrive at the rehearsal party

Someone said something funny ...

Lynne, Jenna, Jenna's mom Patricia, and Jenna's Grandmother

Naomi, Kailey, and Katie (l to r)

Rehearsal 101, as Thomas and Mel wait. Come to think of it, this is rehearsal 501, at least!

Mel (l) and Bo (r), Jenna's brother

Thomas and Jenna

Thomas and Jenna

Jenna takes the podium. Thomas ... well?

Mel delivers his "fatherly" advice at the rehearsal party

Seated (l to r) Jenna's Grandmother, Jenna. Standing (l to r), Mr. Conits, A.J., and Lynne

Mel, #1 grandson Liam, and son Mike.

All smiles and lookin' good!

These guys did great, but for me (Mel) that was the longest dance in history!

(l to r) Michael, Thomas with Dad. Gee, these guys are tall!

Jenna and Thomas are the God-mother and God-father of baby Claire (left). Grandson Liam had to get in on the photo!

The three flower girls! How precious!

Grandson Liam with Granddaughter Kailey

(l to r) Jenna's Mom Patricia, Jenna, Thomas, Lynne and Mel

Jenna, Thomas and the "boys". Good looking group!

Thomas and Jenna


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