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Whitmire, South Carolina

"Pearl of the Piedmont"

The purpose of this page is to document for all interested, the small town of my birth.  The town was a "very busy" textile based town and is now in decline as the primary textile employer has closed and there is little employment opportunity in the area.  It would be great to see a revitalization of the area.  Whitmire is located in Newberry County "in the middle of Sumter National Forest".  Investors are welcome!

A lot of great memories were made in Whitmire.  We still have some good friends, and relatives, of course, living there.  Like all towns, many people have moved to other areas for various reasons.  I would like for this page to be a fun place for people to visit and reminisce .. and see "how it was" and in some cases "how it is".  This will be possible only as people contribute to this site.  

Any photos, stories, or remembrances of Whitmire can be sent to me by clicking on this link and sending the photo or document to me.  I will endeavor to present real information about real people ... hard working and good people ..... (ok, I'll even post some information on people who weren't so good and hard working! ha!).  For those interested in some Sinclair genealogy and old photographs, including a few "warrants" from the 1850's, etc. (Distilling?  Surely not!  These family members were just "into agriculture" .... they grew a lot of corn!), visit my Mel Sinclair line web page.  In fact,  please explore other areas of this website, including the Photo Gallery Page.

You can stay in touch with the Whitmire News Online.

Ken Sparks of Whitmire has a lot of information regarding Whitmire on his website.  He also has a CD on an MP3 site with songs that he wrote about Whitmire ... like a song about the old Dairi-o.  Click here to listen and/or download his original songs!  Ken and I played in a band "a few years back" -- called the Villagers --here are a few photos.  Ken on keyboard and me on trumpet.  We had a great time and almost made some money one time, as I recall ... but I could be wrong. Ha!

NEW!  Ken Sparks and I played in a band called The Original Villagers.  Ken has made one of our instrumental recordings available as a MP3 file.  To get a little more information, see a couple of photos and listen to "Bye-Bye JJ", click here!  By the way, we sounded great --- the recording was poor quality with too much distortion, etc.  We cut a couple of records, but just couldn't find the right combination (apparently!) for the "big time".

Read a novel or two by cousin Grady Lee Overstreet of Whitmire, now residing on the left coast.  Two of his books can be found at Barnes and Noble by clicking on these hyperlinks:  Golden Sun from the Journal of William Henry and his latest book,  Burma Road.

Go to the following Photo Albums for a glimpse of Whitmire.  Many of these photos are of a time when Whitmire was bustling town.  If you have other photos of the area, please feel free to send them to me and I will be glad to post them.  Click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger photo:

Thanks for visiting and come again as this page continues to grow.

Mel Sinclair


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