2008 Clan Sinclair Gathering Trip by Mel (in spirit and with the assistance ....well, read on.....)

I could not attend the 2008 Clan Gathering in Scotland so Marty Mason, Georgia Commissioner, printed a photo of me and "I" toured and danced with the Clan.  Also, Tom Robinson, VP for the Central Region, had a hand in this!  ha!  Thanks to Marty and Tom.  You all know that I was there in spirit and the photo let me know that I was in your thoughts.  That means a lot!

Actually, I was recovering from having both of my knees replaced and wasn't up to the trip at the time.  What a great Clan!

A PowerPoint was prepared for the Clan Sinclair Banquet in Greenville, SC on June 9, 2008.  I have included some of the photos from this presentation.  Photos, courtesy of Brenda Knapp Mason, lovely wife of Martin "Marty" Mason.

Marty (r) and Mel (photo l) begin the Gathering in style!

Castle Sinclair-Girnigoe from Nosshead

I guess I made a new friend

Didn't know that they knew about my musical talents

Oh, Tom.....what a hoot!

Ian, thanks. I needed to sit for a while.

To the Chief!

Chief's lovely daughter, Iona

Guess I got the bill.....photo at head of table.

Marty (l) and Tom (r), the ringleaders!


Best aye,


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