James Sinclair 1859

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Union County Mixed Misc. Documents

L44272 Box 3


State of South Carolina

Union District


This day before me personally James Parr who being duly sworn deposes and says that he had good reason to fear that James Sinclair will do or attempt to do him some bodily injury or procure the said to be done and that he does not require the Grace of him for any malice vexation or reason but for the causes aforesaid and he prays sincerely? For the Grace.

Sworn to before me this the 13th day of April 1859

James Parr

Robert V. Harris




State of South Carolina

Union District


By Robert V. Harris one of the Magistrates in and for the Distrct aforesaid

To any lawful Constable of the said District Whereas complaint on oath has been made to me by James Parr that he had good reason to fear bodily injury to himself from James Sinclair

These are therefore to command you forth with to apprehend the said James Sinclair and bring him before me to be dealt with according to the law and ? fail not under the penalties that shall ensue ?

Given under my hand and seal this 13th day of April 1859

Robt. V. Harris



I have arrested the Def. James Sinclair and brought him before John Gibbs Esqr.

? May 1859.

E.F. Vaughn Const.



South Carolina

Union District

The State


James Sinclair


Be it remembered that on the fourteenth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty nine personally came James Sinclair and James M. Faucett before me who acknowledged themselves to owe to the State of South Carolina Each the sum of two hundred dollars to be made of their separate lands and tenements to and for the use of the said State if the above bound James Sinclair Shall fail in performing the condition under within the consolation of the above recognizance as such that whereas the above bound James Sinclair has this day being brought before me John Gibbs a Magistrate for said District under a warrant Issued by R. V. Harris Esq. to require the said James Seigler to be arrested and to be brought before the said R. V Harris or some other magistrate to be further dealt with according to law now of the said James Sinclair Shall personally appear before the ? of the court of Common Pleas to be holden at Union Court House for Union District on the first Monday in October next and shall in the mean time keep the peace towards all the good people of this State and especially towards James Parr the persecutor in this case and shall not depart this said court without ? then this recognizance to be void or else to remain in full force and virtue taken and did acknowledge before me the day and year before written.

John Gibbs


James {X} Sinclair

James M. Faucett


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