James 1859
Peace Bond
John's Will
Roberts Will

Court Records from the mid-1850's

These documents were furnished courtesy of Lisa Burns, who did all of the research.

Note the various spellings of the Sinclair name (Sigler, Sincler, Sinclar, Sinclear)

I.  Our ancestors were apparently really into agriculture. (grin)  Note the spelling of Sinclair, also as Sigler.  James Sinclair (1864-1872)seemed to be well known by the courts.  (Distilling and other matters).  Click here for yet another "run in" with the law!

II.  Several Warrants (1846-1872) issued, involving James Sinclair. (Attempted Murder)

III. Court Records 1842, William Sinclair (Sinclear) (Peace Bond)

IV. Testimony regarding John's will, 1845-1846 (John was described as " a strange man always" and "vicious and of bad temper"?  Surely not!

V. Will of Robert Sinclair, 1807

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