Previous Vacations in St. Martin

This is a photo of Lynne and I, as we are having dinner at "Marks" on the island of St. Martin, in the Caribbean, French West Indies. We visited St. Martin in 1994 & 1995 and spent time sailing and kicking back around the islands---- wonderful and relaxing trips. In 1994, we sailed out of the marina at Simpson Bay on the Dutch side.  Although "Marks" is still on the island, this restaurant was destroyed later that year by Hurricane Louis.

In 1995 we stayed "on land" at the Grand Case Beach Club in Grand Case on the French side of the island. The view from the balcony was super!

Several photos taken while sailing or touring around the islands are listed below:

  • Rib Shack where we ate our first evening meal. The overhead must not be very high! The food was super. I made the mistake of asking the directions to the restroom------the waitress said that if I *had* to go, I could go behind the ribshack onto the beach----- I waited :)
  • Smiles were abound as we spent several days sunning and enjoying the sights at Orient Beach. Orient Beach is one of the largest and prettiest beaches in the Caribbean. There were other very pretty, relatively secluded (but safe!) beaches.
  • Anse Marcel is a more remote but "post card" looking area of St. Martin. It even has a marina!
  • Pic Paradis is the highest point on the island. There were just too many photos to include, however this is a view with Coconut beach in the distance.
  • Dinner at the Pelican was a change from the Rib Shack. We enjoyed ourselves. I took this photo of us with my "outstretched" arm.
  • Jet Ski? Lynne couldn't resist the jet ski after dinner at the Pelican.
  • Lynne sailing out of Phillipsburg.
  • Mel sailing toward St. Bart's. A super island to visit and tour.
  • Breeze was never a problem. That is, too *little* breeze was never a problem.
  • Mediterranean Style anchoring was common at Gustavia, the capital of St. Bart's. We enjoyed a night at anchor.
  • LeSelect is the restaurant where Jimmy Buffett wrote the classic "Cheeseburger in Paradise." At least that is what their T-shirts say (lol). We had a burger, etc. and it is indeed paradise---in a fun sort of way!! His restaurant, Margaritaville, in Key West, Florida, is a lot of fun. Yes, they serve Cheeseburgers "just like the song says."

Don't forget to visit the "Gallery" on this web site.  You'll find lots of photos of our 1999 trip to St. Martin, as well as other events.  The photos are arranged as thumbnails so you can open what you wish.

Well, enough of our trips. We had a blast each time and it is a beautiful island. The best part was that there was not a lot to do--"no problem, mon"----just laid back----guess it's back to Orient Beach .

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