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Family Photo Albums

Revised: January 02, 2011

Below are links to some albums for my family's pleasure.  Please feel free to view them.  The photos feature my family, friends, and our interest.  They are all "G" rated.  All photos, graphics, narratives, etc., are copyright protected and can only be used with the express written permission of Melvin Sinclair, Jr.

NOTE:  All photos are "thumbnails".  Click on the thumbnail photo for a larger photo.  Click on Hyperlink for photo album.


This page is in much need of updating:

New! For those interested in the Greenville Scottish Games 2010, the Clan Sinclairs, our Chief, and HRH The Prince Edward's visit, click on this link for 6 albums.

July 30, 2005:   Kailey and her new companion, Ki-Ki, a Silky Terrier.  Well, the majority of her is Silky Terrier.  She is a sweet little rescued pooch.

Newest addition to the Mel Sinclair Clan, Grandson Bryson Ian Sinclair, born October 14, 2004 at 9:18 pm, weighing in at 8 lbs. 14 oz., and measuring 20.5 inches in length.  Kailey said that he's a keeper.  Click here for photos.

Kailey begins First Grade - August 2004

Kailey takes Grammy and Granddad to the Beach, July & August 2004 --

Kailey and Thomas - Thomas teaches Kailey to not be afraid of the water at Ocean Lakes, Surfside, SC 

Kailey and the Pool, mainly at Ocean Lakes, Surfside, South Carolina.  Kailey shows Granddad what she has learned.  It was a surprise.  It was also about 8:15-8:45pm on an unusually cool evening.  I (Granddad) didn't get wet above my waist.

Kailey at Medieval Times, Myrtle Beach, SC

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games Report and Photos - Clan Sinclair Gathering July 2004

Grandson Aidan Joseph Sinclair arrives!  Aidan was born April 17, 2004 @ 1:39 am; weight 8 lbs 7 oz.; 19.5 inches tall!  Click here for photos!

Kailey's First Day at School - Kindergarten at Taylors Elementary School, 2003

A few photos of the Grands and Mike (Testing movement of website to new server)

THE Wedding of the YEAR (2003)!  Thomas and Jenna Sinclair!

No. 1 Girl Kailey Lynne Sinclair's photos - Enjoy Pumpkintown, SC, a hayride and lots of other photos.

Mike Sinclair Clan photos: Newest Member of the Mel Sinclair Clan:  Grandson Michael Liam Sinclair - This little man is growing fast.  Better check out his Christmas card photo!  It'll make you fell good "all over"!  Liam also takes a trip to the zoo and beach. 

Thomas Sinclair Clan photos: We're just starting.  View  THE Wedding of the YEAR!  Thomas and Jenna Sinclair!

Free Masonry and Mel - photos of the Grand Master's Banquet and other photos.  You might recognize someone.  Mel in his Kilt with the Grand Master?  Yep. 

Scottish Highland Games!  See what they are all about and meet the Chief!

Whitmire, South Carolina - Pearl of the Piedmont!  Information about the small town where I grew up. NEW! We've added a little history of The Original Villagers and a song written by the band!  Listen to the mp3 version of "Bye-bye JJ".

Other Family Albums - some new, some old photos, also one of our trips to St. Martin!


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