Jean Baptiste Marie Delahogue



By: Ill. Bro. McDonald “Don” Burbidge, 33° 

1744  Ill. Brother Delahogue is born in Saint Domingo. 

1773  He is listed as a Notary at Cap Francaise  around the age of 29. 

1793  Delahogue is listed as the Consul Superior of San Domingo. 

1796  Hyman Long issues a patent to Ill. Delahogue and is named as Deputy Grand Inspector General dated in the month of October. 

1800  In the Charleston City Gazette dated October 16, Jean B. de la Hogue offers the inhabitants of the city his services of a school for the purpose of teaching French and English languages along with writing and arithmetic. The school will be held at his residents at 8 Federal Street. 

1802  In the Supreme Council’s register he is described as a “Planter of Saint Domingo.”  He is listed as an Honorary Member of the Sublime Grand Lodge of Perfection and being designated as Lieutenant Grand Commander for the French West Indies. 

1804  At New Orleans on June 4, Delahogue made an application to become a citizen of the United States. 

May 13, Delahogue is listed as Master of  the Lodge La Charite. The charter for this lodge was received from Pennsylvania.  

July 29, the Supreme Council issued a patent authorizing him to establish “bodies under its authority,” in New Orleans.  

August 6, Delahogue is made a citizen of the United States. 

Delahogue returns to France and assumes the role of Ministry of War in the Bureau of Military Police. 

1822  April 22 Delaghoue dies at his resident located at No. 22 Petit Carreau in the Good New Quarter.


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