Moses Clava Levy



By: Ill. Bro. McDonald “Don” Burbidge, 33° 

1749  Born in Cracon, Poland 

1778  Was living in London 

1783  Was made a Sublime Mason in the Lodge of Perfection from its establishment. 

1792  Was a member of the committee on arrangements for laying the corner stone of the new synagogue building.  The ceremonies for this occasion were Masonic related. 

1801  Founder of the Supreme Council and of the Hebrew Orphan Society of Charleston. 

1806-1811  Assisted the hazen of the synagogue without compensation. 

1823  Treasurer of the Congregation of Beth Elohim, then President, and named Treasurer General of the Supreme Council.

1838  When the synagogue burned down he was one of the first persons to give $100.00 to the rebuild committee. 

1839  April 2, Moses Clava Levy passes away.


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