Clan Sinclair Septs and Adherents

(Sinclair, Sinclaire, Sinkler)


A. B. C. D. F. G. H. I.
Annet Backie(s) Caid Dass Flaws Galy Hadlow Ibister
Backy(s) Caithness Deeron Flett(e) Galie Halcro Inkster
Barnetson Ceard Delday Forbister Galley Halcrow Isbister
Barney Cleminson Doull Foubister Gallie Hamlyn  
Barnie Cline Drever Fray Galloch Hatston  
Barnieson Clyne Driver(s)   Garson Harrow  
Beglie Coghill Dunnatt   Goar Horrey  
Bewes Cogill(e) Bunnet(t)   Gotts Horrie  
Blance Cogle Durran(s)   Gowing Hourrie  
Blanche Collet Durrand   Groat Hourston  
Blank(e) Comloquoy Dury     Hulme  
Bolt Corner Duskey        
Brotchie Corrigall Duskie        
Brownhill Craigie          
Budge Crofts          
K. L. M. O. P. R. S. T.
Kaird Linklater MacBarnett(e) Oddey Papay Rasson Sabiston Templeman
Kalley Linkletter MacFend Oddie Paplay Ratter Scarth Trickett
Kallie Luddale MacNackaird Oddy Pappey Ravenshen Sciater Trickit
Kelday Lyall Mainland Oman(d) Pettenreck Redland(s) Scollay Turfas
Keldie Lyell Marwick Ormley Pettenrick Regis Scolley Twatt
Kendall Lyhte Mason   Pottinger Ridland Scullie  
Kendell   Masson   Precious Romain Seatt(er) U.
Kerd   Meadows   Presland Rosey Seater Ulrick
Kird   Mey     Rosie Seator  
Kirkness   Moar     Roslin Schallcross W.
Kline   Morn(e)     Rosslyn Schalin Wares
Klyne           Sinclair(e) Westray
Kynock           Sinclare Whitefield
          Sinkler Wick
          St. Clair Wiper
          St. Clare Wooley
          Skea Y.
          Snoddie Yorston


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