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Welcome to the Clan Sinclair Resource Page! 

If other information is needed or has been omitted, please drop me an e-mail with your suggestions and corrections!  Before suggesting, however, don't forget to look at the this page for a ton of Sinclair Links, etc.

Visit our official Clan Sinclair Association, Inc., (U.S.A.) web page. This is a super starting place to visit regarding our history, genealogy, links, etc.,... and membership! Yours truly is currently serving as a North and South Carolina Commissioner for Clan Sinclair. If I can be of help to you, please contact me.

The Official Clan Sinclair web page. Exciting news from the official Clan Sinclair web page in Scotland (across the pond from the USA.   Super information re: history, events, current news, and much, much more! 

Castle Sinclair-Girnigoe, Clan Sinclair Trust - The Future of Our Heritage.  This is a new website that is a must see for all Sinclairs, those interested in history, and those desiring to preserve our heritage.  This information was previously on the Clan Sinclair web page, noted in the previous paragraph.

Another excellent resource is John Quarterman's Clan Sinclair web page. John has done an excellent job with this page and it is loaded with history, genealogy, numerous photos, links....and on and on!  His website is no longer being updated, however it is still a great source.  Visit the Clan Sinclair Society in Caithness website, and don't miss the following:  our Canadian cousins at the Clan Sinclair Canada web site, our Australian cousins at the Clan Sinclair Australia web site, and our New Zealand cousins at the Sinclair of the Isles Clan website.

The Sinclair/St. Clair Y-DNA project is underway.  Click on this link to learn more.

Now, are your ready to join Clan Sinclair USA?  Send me an e-mail or print this application  and  mail your application and check today to Mary Selver, Secretary/Treasurer!  The application is in a .pdf format.  If you don't have a .pdf reader, you may download this popular reader FREE by clicking on this link.  If your last name is not Sinclair, you still may be related to this noble Clan. Click on Sinclair Sept to see.  Interested in the Sinclair Tartan(s)?

E-MAIL LISTS ... we've got 'um! Quick Subscribe Option!

How about joining an e-mail list (or several!) and have the information come directly to you.  Ask questions and participate in discussions on these e-mail lists!  Use the "click here" for a "Quick Subscribe" to the lists!  See the "click here" link for each list mentioned below.

To Join my Sinclairs of the Carolinas e-mail list, click here and then send!  If this doesn't work with your web browser or e-mail program, simply send a blank e-mail to: ClanSinclair-subscribe@topica.com This list is of primary interest regarding the Clan in North and South Carolina, although it is open to other discussion, as appropriate.  There are subscribers from Canada to Texas to Florida.  Also catch up on area Highland Games and other Gatherings.

To Join Gary Sinclair's General Discussion e-mail list, click here and then send or simply send a blank e-mail to: Sinclair-Discussion-subscribe@yahoogroups.com  Gary's list has the largest number of subscribers.  Gary created this list when John Quarterman decided to pass the torch.  Thanks Gary.  Gary also has a genealogy list for Sinclairs.  To join this list, click here and send or simply send a blank e-mail to: sinclair-roots-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

To Join Doug Sinclair's General Discussion e-mail list, click here and then send or simply send a blank e-mail to: SinclairCousins-subscribe@yahoogroups.com  Doug recognized that another general discussion list might be a good idea and created a list for us "laid back" Sinclairs. 


By the way, if you have any information regarding the Sinclair's from Union County or Newberry County, South Carolina, please drop me an email.


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