June 29, 1924 the Citizens and Southern National Bank of Charleston Opens for Business

By: Ill. Brother McDonald “Don” Burbidge, 33° 

On June 29, 1924 the Citizens and Southern National Bank opened its doors for the first time at their new location located at the corner of, Broad and Church Street. This site was the former home of "Shepheard’s Tavern” which was the birthplace of the Supreme Council for the United States which was founded on May 31, 1801 by Col. John Mitchell and Frederick Dalcho.  

Upon entering the first floor of the new bank the visitor(s) would be impressed with the spaciousness and openness of the bank room as the main floor is open and runs the length of the building from front to the rear entrance.  

The vault of the bank at the time boasted of being full proof against fire, acetylene, flame and high explosives with safety boxes conveniently placed for the customers to use. 

When the Citizens and Southern National Bank opened its doors the Officers and Directors were presented a bronze coin. On one side of the coin is the image of the bank with the date it first opened on Broad Street and on the other side is the state seal of South Carolina. This coin will be on display at the Scottish Rite temple during the celebration.  

At the time of the opening of the Citizens and Southern National Bank the officers and directors named where;


Henry Schachte, vice-chairman of the Board,Angus E. Bird, President,H. Wm. Hopke, vice-president and Cashier,Jack D. Lesemann, vice-president,Julius E. Schroeder, vice-president, James Conner, vice-president, Michael L. Runey, Assistant Cashier, Colt T. Hendley, Assistant Cashier. 


Mills B. Lane, Henry Schachte, Angus E. Bird, Jack D. Lesemann, Frank Burbidge (my great, great grandfather), Julius E. Schroeder, C. B. Schachte, Wm. Murphey, H. Wm. Hopke, M. Rutledge Rivers, Matthew A. Condon, James Conner. 

History of the Citizens and Southern National Bank

 October 1, 1874  The Germania Savings Bank opened for general business and an institution was launched which was destined to be a constructive influence in the general prosperity and happiness of this community. The total assets were $70, 081.04 

December 1, 1913  The Germania Saving Bank opened its branch office in the Masonic Building, at 270 King Street.

1918  The names of the Germania Savings and Germania National Banks were changed to the Atlantic Savings and Atlantic National Banks.

June 27, 1923  On September first of this year the Atlantic National moved to larger quarters, at 284 King Street. This move was made in order to meet the increased demands of business. 

January, 1927  Henry Schachte was elevated from the presidency of the Atlantic Banks to Chairman of the Board. Julius H. Jahnz, who up to that time, had been the only vice-president, succeeded him in the presidency. 

July 7, 1927  The Atlantic National’s branch office at 515 King Street was opened.

March 1928  Interests affiliated with the Citizens and Southern National Bank of Georgia purchased the stock of the Atlantic Savings and the Atlantic National Banks. In May of that year the name of the Atlantic Savings Bank was changed to the Citizens and Southern Bank of South Carolina.   

July 29, 1929  In opening its new building the Citizens and Southern Bank carried on a tradition established more than half a century ago when the Germania Savings Bank, its parent institution, first opened its doors. 

A glance through the Banks history will show that their policy has always been to increase capitalization, and expand the facilities as Charleston grew and at the same time adhering to the customers needs and requirements.

The new bank was designed to give the utmost in comfort and convenience that a modern banking home could offer at the time. The policy was that the complete facilities and abilities of every member of the banking family, from president of the bank to office boy, should constantly and cheerfully is at the command of their friends and customers.

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