A few family photos .........


Uncle Mike and Aunt Kim take Kailey out for a treat!

(l to r) Mike, Kim, invisible "other" and Kimberly

Papa "T" and Nana

Gregory "girls". Lynne, Nana, and Beth

Melvin Jr. and Melvin Sr.

Lynne, Papa T, Beth

Lynne, Nana, Papa T, and Beth

Nana and Papa T

Mel, Lynne, Nana, Papa T, and Beth

Kailey enjoying the swing. She is a "big girl".

Aren't I tuff stuff!

Grammy and Kailey

Granddad and Kailey

Little Kailey, Jenna, Thomas, Lynne, and Kimberly at a Parrothead style concert

Little Kailey, Jenna, Thomas, Mel, and Kimberly at a Parrothead type concert

Thomas and Jenna

Mike (l) and Mel (r) carry the Clan Sinclair banner at the Charleston Scottish Games

Go Cocks! ...as Kailey attends her first University of South Carolina football game.

Mommie Kim, Kailey, and Grammy on George the Train at a local park in Greenville

Granddad and Kailey on George the Train

Kailey and Granddad on Halloween!

Mike in his kilt and Kim

Mike and Kailey at the Foothills Games

Kailey and Mike pet the dogs

Kailey ... what a great smile!

Mike and Papa Sinclair with Haley in the background

Thomas and Jenna

The Gregory clan visit for a cook-out

A "slew of Gregorys"

The Sinclairs with Papa T and Nana

Papa Tommy and Nana

Thomas and Jenna with Cheyene and Kailey (r)


(l to r) Thomas, Lynne, and Mike

Kailey with her "children"

Gregorys and Sinclairs abound at Kimberly's Graduation. Kim was tops in her class with her B.S. in Nursing degree! We're very, very, proud!

Lynne, Kimberly, Mel at Graduation

Thomas, Kimberly and Kailey

(l to r) Kim, daughter Kim, Kailey, and Mike

Kailey and Mommy!

It must be Christmas as DIL Kim is excited opening her presents

"Happy Birthday Jesus" cake for Christmas

Everyone has a great time with a Christmas visit!

Beth, Charlie, and Ezra

Sinclair-Gregory Clan. (l to r) sitting: Papa Tommy Gregory, Kimberly, and Nana. (l to r) Standing: Thomas, Lynne, Kailey, and Mel

Kailey takes a nap

New Year's Eve sunset at Western Carolina Sailing Club. It doesn't get much better than this!



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