St. Martin 99
Easter 2002
Thomas-Kim b'day
August 2002
Family Assort.
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Family Albums ... some old, some new

Halloween 2002 - From carving the pumpkin to trick-or-treating to visiting Mommy, who had to work (BSRN at the hospital).  Thomas, we missed you! (40 photos)

August+, 2002 ---- a memorable month.  Lynne, Kailey and Mel take a trip to the beach, Thomas heads to Mercer University Law school, Mike earns a second Masters Degree as he further prepares for a career in school administration, Kimberly buys a house (photos to come later) and we celebrate son Mike's and wife Kim's birthday, Thomas's and Jenna's engagement photos and some other special photos.  Our family has truly been blessed and we are thankful, indeed.  (31 photos)

Thomas and Kim's birthday 2002

St. Martin vacation 1999  (44 photos) Another visit to the islands, mon!

Easter 2002 (23 photos)

Family Misc. photos for the relatives to view! (48 photos)

Some Old Family Photos (this album will be added to as time is available)



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