St. Martin 1999 vacation ...

            no hurricane this time!

(See other Sailing and St. Martin trips on the Sailing page)  From the Sailing page, click on "Hurricane" to see some photos of our "vacation" to St. Martin in 1996.  Hurricane Bertha took a direct hit on the island about 36 hours after our arrival.  We walked out of the Sapphire Resort in the "eye" of the hurricane.  The second part of the hurricane was worse than the first part!  It was an interesting vacation ... we still had a blast!

Getting ready for the 12m race, Philipsburg, St. Martin

What great crew! Life is good!

Dinner at Marc's. (l to r) Lynne, Marc, Mel

Dinner with friends, Jerry and Sherry. We celebrated our 25th wed. anniv. at Marc's orig. rest. (1995), which was later destroyed by Hurricane Louis.

Yep, good eating and atmosphere at Marc's.

Beautiful view, Anse Marcel, with a resort and marina "down the hill".

A boat named Viagra?

Bobby's Marina, a working marina in Philipsburg.

View from our balcony with the island of Saba in the distance.

(l to r) Lynne, Nina, and Sherry

(l to r) Mel and Jerry

Rib shack where we had lunch

Grand Case "business district"

Rib Shack in the Grand Case area

Two other newly made friends joined our party for dinner at a Marigot Bay restaurant

We just finished a delicious ... uh, pizza!

(l to r) Sherry and Lynne ready to go our for dinner

Maho Beach near main airport

Marigot "down town"

Marigot with Fort Louis in the distance

Marigot harbor

Marigot business area

Marigot Bay - many fine restaurants. Dinghys from sail boats docked

Wonderful evening with friends at one of Marigot Bay's restaurants.

Another shot, with me in it this time!

Photo from Ft. Louis, Marigot

Mel captures the island and named King for the Day! ha-ha!

Market at Marigot

Another photo from Ft. Louis with Simpson Bay in the distance

Outside Harbor at Marigot

View from Ft. Louis

Another nice dinner at a Mary's Bloom, near the main airport. This was also later destroyed by hurricane and rebuilt.

Same restaurant -- very quaint with great service. Plan to spend a long evening and enjoy!

Oooops! Time to turn around.

Orient Beach, one of the longest beaches in the Caribbean with nature preserve.

Pedro's "rib shack", Orient Beach -- really good food and music

Oyster Pond. On our first trip to the island, we sailed and moored at Oyster Pond for a day. Neat and friendly place!

Another view of Oyster Pond.

"International Bridge" at a Capt. Olivers restaurant that marks the French-Dutch border. Interesting.

The USA Navy has arrived! These sailors were well behaved and we were proud to see our nation's finest!

Renovated Court House, Philipsburg. One of the "Speed" movies pictured a cruise ship crashing in to a mock up of a dock and this Court House.

Front Street, Business district, Philipsburg

Sapphire Resort, our home base for several vacations, including being there when Hurricane Bertha hit the island. We walked out in the "eye".

Sunset. What more can I say?


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