James Sinclair

Distilling and other Information

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Note several spellings of the Sinclair name, including Sigler

General Sessions Court
Union Co. SC #3533

The State
James Sinclair
Wm Carries?
P. A. Davis


warant for wit
Thos. Scales
J. W. Hughes
R. Macbeth

Not proved
Fall Term 1866?
South Carolina
Union District
Walteo Can Work?
Say is on oath that Thomas Scales, J. W. Hughes, and R. Macbeth are natural witnesses for the State vs.
James Sigler, Wm Canner? and P.A. Davis for distillery without licence
Sworn to before me
3rd September 1864
M. C. Hughes  magt.

South Carolina
Union District
To Any lawful officer Sir after reading the above affidavit that you do arrest Thomas Scales, Jas, W. Hughes and R. Macbeth as witnesses in behalf of the State against James Sinclair, William Carries, P.A. Davis for distilling without Licence
Given under my hand and seal
? September 1864

M C Hughes


The state vs. the dead body of Joseph Hughes Sr.  Inquisition taken July 25, 1853 by R.V. Harris. 

James Sincler, being duly sworn, deposed that he was at the house of James A. Price on Sunday, 24 July 1853, Price attempted to whip his wife, witness begged him not to do it.  Price then commenced fighting witness.  Witness then left, called to Joseph Hughes who was there behaving himself very civil to go with him, Hughes did not leave.   Witness when some forty or fifty steps from Price heard blows struck, heard the women crying and hollering.
Signed by James (X) Sincler before Robt. V. Harris.

{since he apparently didn't see anything else, do you think he got the hell out of Dodge?}

"The Yorkville Enquirer"
Issue:  March 28, 1872
{This is in reference to the "Ku Klux Cases" tried in the Supreme Court at Charleston.  Many, many, prominent and not so prominent men from Union, Spartanburg, Laurens and surrounding areas were arrested and taken to Charleston.  The local newspapers of the time claim the main reason for the arrests were to remove white men, who were eligible to vote, from the area during the election.

"The following is a list of prisoners from Union County, now confined in the jail at Charleston:  . . .James Sinclair..."  {34 named all together, in just this one arrest}.



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