Easter 2002 and Papa Tommy's Birthday


Kailey, Mommie Kim, Jenna, and Thomas begin the process!

This is going to be f-u-u-u-u-n!

The Easter Bunny delivers for Kailey

... and for others

...and others!

Kailey gives Mommie a hug!

Mommie, Kailey, and Granddad, Easter morning.

Mommie, Kailey, and Grammy, Easter morning

Aren't I precious?


... later at Nanna and Papa's with Alana, Beth and Ezra

Time for the "unside down" birthday cookie for Papa T with Lynne, Charley, and Thomas

Doesn't this look ... uh, .... really good!

Papa T is happy with Charley and Thomas looking on

Having fun with Uncle Mike


.. and again!

Easter Egg Hunt .. ready, set .....

Go! Cheyanne and Kailey are busy.

Kailey finds another one

... we all won!

Now it's time to hide some from the adults.


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