George Washington’s

Masonic Compeers

During the Revolutionary War 


Major Henry Price

First Grand Master in New England 

Sir William Johnson

Superintendent of Indian Affairs in New York, and first

Master of St. Patrick’s Lodge, on the Mohawk 

Sir John Johnson

The last Provincial Grand Master of the first

Grand Lodge of New York 

Peyton Randolph

First President of the Continental Congress, and last

Provincial Grand Master of Virginia


Edmund Randolph

Master of the first warranted Lodge in Pennsylvania, and

Provincial Grand Master of that Province


William Franklin

The last Royal Governors of New Jersey, and Grand Secretary

Of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania


General David Wooster

An officer of the Revolution, and Master of the first

Lodge in Connecticut


Pierpont Edwards

The first Grand Master o Connecticut


Jabez Bowen, LL. D.,

Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island, and Grand Master

Of Masons in that State


Colonel William Barton

The Rhode Island Mason who captured the British

General Prescott


John Sullivan

Major General of the Revolution, and first

Grand Master of New Hampshire


General James Jackson

Governor and Grand Master of Georgia


William Richardson Davie

Governor of North Carolina, and Grand Master of that State


Richard Caswell

Governor of North Carolina, and

Grand Master of that State


Dr. James Milnor

Grand Master of Pennsylvania


Dr. Samuel Seabury

The first Episcopal Bishop in America


General Rufus Putnam

First Grand Master of Ohio


Aaron Ogden

Governor of New Jersey


General Mordecai Gist

An officer of the American Revolution, and

Grand Master of South Carolina

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