Photos from the March, 2004 Grand York Rite

Mel's first "Grand" appointment as Illustrious Grand Steward

(l. to r.) Most Worshipful Bro. Jack Marler, Grand Master of Masons in South Carolina and Mel

(l. to r.) Illustrious Grand Master Willie Smith, Illustrious Grand Steward Mel Sinclair

(l. to r.) Mel and Bob Kendrick, Illustrious Deputy Grand Master

(l. to r.) Mel with Illustrious Grand Secretary Johnnie Morris

Grand York Rite Line - 2004

Three Brothers from the Greenville, SC area who are officers in the Grand York Rite. (l. to r.) Mel, Bob, Terry Pruitt

Mel, Illustrious Grand Steward, York Rite


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