Grand Lodge '02
Grand York Rite 2004

    Mel and Free Masonry   


2005 Mel in The East, Worshipful Master, Walden Lodge No. 274, Greenville, SC

2005 Mel appointed as Excellent Grand Royal Arch Captain, Grand York Rite South Carolina

2004 Mel appointed Illustrious Grand Steward, Grand York Rite South Carolina

2002 Mel in Formal Kilt with Grand Master G. Kent Elkins at the Grand Master's Banquet, Grand Lodge (South Carolina)

2001 Mel with Most Worshipful Brother G. Kent Elkins, Grand Master of Masons in South Carolina

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Free Masonry:  No Mason in South Carolina will ever ask you to join the fraternity.  That's not being rude, secretive, or elitist.   You must ask.  Simply put: 2B1ASK1.  What did dear old Ben Franklin say about Free Masonry?  Click here to find out.

  • December 2006: Mel elected Eminent Commander, York Rite Commandery No. 4, South Carolina.
  • December 2006: Mel elected Sovereign Master, Joel R. Poinsett, Council No. 166, Allied Masonic Degrees, Greenville, SC
  • March 2005: Mel appointed as Excellent Grand Royal Arch Captain, Grand York Rite.  What an honor to be selected.  Now to buy my "red coat".
  • February 2005:  Mel initiated as a Knight Mason, South Carolina Council #20.  What a surprise invitation and very well done initiation.  I am honored to be a part of this body.
  • December 2004:  Mel elected Worshipful Master of Walden Lodge #274, A.F.M. - Most Worshipful Bro. G. Kent Elkins, PGM, installed Mel as Worshipful Master and conducted the Past Master's Degree.
  • December 2004:  Mel elected High Priest, Cyrus Chapter No. 22, Greenville York Rite Bodies.
  • March 2004: What a surprise!  At the South Carolina Grand York Rite, March, 2004, Mel was appointed Illustrious Grand Steward. I'm honored and very much appreciate this confidence.  Now to get my traveling shoes on!  Click here for Photos.
  • December 2003:  Mel was elected as Senior Warden (old photo from 2002), Walden Lodge #274, Greenville, SC. he was installed again by Most Worshipful G. Kent Elkins, Past Grand Master of Masons in South Carolina;  Most Worshipful Bro. G. Kent Elkins, PGM, installed Mel, 12/03
  • December 2003:  Mel elected as Illustrious Master in York Rite Masonry, Alpha Council #10, 2003; also officer in the Cyrus Chapter #22, and Commandary No. 4. 
  • Other Masonic involvement:  Mel is also a Scottish Rite Mason, member of the Piedmont York Rite College and Allied Masonic Degrees.
  • April 2002 Grand Lodge (23 photos):  Mel is presented with the Frederick Dalcho award by Most Worshipful Brother G. Kent Elkins, Grand Master of Masons in South Carolina, the second highest award that the Grand Master can bestow.  Talk about being surprised!  Shocked is a better word!  Wearing my kilt to the Grand Master's banquet was an experience as well.  Lots of SC Masons pictured in this album!
  • December 2001:  Mel was appointed Webmaster to design and build the first web page for the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free Masonry of South Carolina answering to G. Kent Elkins, Grand Master of Masons in South Carolina (2001-2003).  Mel also created the first e-mail Discussion list for South Carolina Masons.  The list was used to communicate events in this Grand Jurisdiction, such as degree work, fundraisers, and obituaries. 
  • As a further Free Masonry treat, Mel has the pleasure and the honor of hosting some of the research of Ill. Bro. Don Burbidge of Charleston, SC.  Visit Mel's "Charleston History" page and read Bro Don's work!  It contains both Masonic and non-Masonic material.
  • Visit the Walden Lodge #274 (Greenville, SC) website where Mel is serving as Webmaster.  Take a look at what's going on at the lodge, check out the photos and read the "Plumbline" newsletter.

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