Dr. John Lining Time Line

By: Illustrious McDonald "Don" Burbidge, 33°

1708: born and studied in Lanarkhire, Scotland

1730: arrived in America at Charles Towne, John was 22 years old at the time.

On November 30th became the 48th member of the St. Andrew’s Society. 

1733: John Lining was established as a Doctor and druggist.  

1738: Physician to the poor, St. Philip’s Parish.

Observations with instruments began in 1738 and ended in 1750.

1739: married Sarah Hill on June 28 by Pastor P. W. Guy 

1740: began weather observations and conducted his painstaking experiments on his own metabolism. 

1741: wrote letter to The Royal Society of London explaining why he had embarked on a tedious service of observations on himself as a guinea pig and a slatted box of instruments in an upstairs window that was his constant companion.  

1742-1743: stratical observation published in Transactions of Royal Society in London 

1744: Assistant Justice of South Carolina 

1747: On Dr. John Lining’s findings of Yellow Fever a quarantine regulations was established for all ships entering Charles Towne at Fort Johnson. Dr. John Lining was named one of the port physicians. Also named were Dr. Thomas Dale,

Dr. John Moultrie, Dr. John Martini, Dr. David Caw, and Dr. William Rind. 

1748: Yellow Fever returned to Charles Towne.

Thomas Lining cabinetmaker advertises in the Gazette as to a shop he has now opened for business. Thomas Lining is the brother of John Lining.

1750: President of Charleston Library Society

1751: Sarah Lining passed away. 

1752: As a result of Dr. John Lining and Benjamin Franklin’s experiments

Charles Towne residents started putting lightening rods on they houses and buildings to protect them from the dangers of being stuck by lightening. 

1753: correspondent with Dr. Alston of Edinburgh. Sent various types of seeds to Dr. Alston to examine and grow.

On May 15, during a thunderstorm John recreates Benjamin Franklin’s kite experiment in front of a crowd of people.  

1754: Partnership with Dr. Chalmers expired on February 12, formed partnership with  Dr. Oliphant on March 1st.

Sent letter to Royal Society on "Pink Root."

Mrs. Elizabeth Quincey, mother-in-law dies.

Mrs. Lining inherited personal property and real estate, along with Hillsborough. 

1755: Experimented with electricity and had a bought with the gout.

Dr. Lining advertises for an overseer who knows indigo and rice, for plantation Near Charles Towne (Hillsborough).  

1756: Sold house at Broad and King Street to John Rattray on March 5.

Sold medicine chests and firewood from his residents at Hillsborough.

Dr. John Lining joined "The Winyah Society of Georgetown, South Carolina."

This was the period when he lived at Hillsborough and grew Indigo.  

1757: Experimented in various plants.

Retired from his medical practice.  

1758: Put Hillsborough up for sale on December 15th. 

1760: September 21, Dr. John Lining death

Jan.5th, March 15th, April 9th, and August 9th John Lining advertises "Medicines in Boxes, with directions on how to use them." 

1761: Mrs. Lining advertises "Medicines in Boxes with Directions on How to Use Them" for sale at Mr. Thomas Lining or Mrs. Lining house.


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