August - Labor Day Weekend, 2002

August 2002 was a busy and eventful month.  Lynne, Granddaughter Kailey and Mel took a trip to the beach, Thomas moved to Macon, Ga. to attend Mercer University Law School, Michael received his second Masters Degree, and Kimberly bought (or is buying at this time) a house - more on that later!  Boy, do things change quickly.  Also you'll find several of the engagement photos courtesy of Thomas and Jenna, photos of Mike's and wife Kim's birthday and some other good family photos.  God continues to bless each of us and we are thankful.

Grammy and Kailey have the greatest of times ... laughter is the greatest of medicines!

Kailey loves to play in the sand ... and roll in the sand ... and ....

Kailey also love the pool! She and Granddad play "motor boat"!

Oh, and what a work out ... jumping the waves (in the surf)

Oh, it's moving time for Thomas to go to Law School. l to r, Jenna (daughter soon-to-be), Kailey, and Thomas

Kailey really loves Uncle Thomas!

Destination ... Mercer School of Law

This is the moving crew at the end of the day. I never thought that sleeper-sofa would make it to the third floor!

Thomas's apartment building

Graduation (again) as Mike gets his second Masters Degree to qualify for a career path in School Administration. l to r. Mike, baby Liam, and Kim

Grads with Front row, r to l, Dr. Bill Harner, Greenville Co School Supt., Gloria Talley -Dir Prof Dev., & Dr. Heath -Dir School Ldrshp Furman Univ.

Mike, baby Liam, Dr. Harris Heath, director of school leadership - Furman University, and Kim

Kailey, Lynne, Mike, Liam, and Kim

Mike, Liam, and Mel (Me!)

And more photos posted from Labor Day weekend ----

Kailey with her babies. Kailey is my number one girl. I love her "sooooo much and always"!

Wonderful day with the Grands ... aren't they Grand!

God has given us such Blessings. Let's take care of these little ones.

What else is there?

OK, big guy .... you are in good hands!

Happy birthday to Mike and Kim!

Aren't they cute!

We just love these guys!

Kailey with Uncle Thomas

I don't think that she wanted to leave his side. She misses him so while he is away at law school.

Thomas and future Daughter, Jenna.

What a nice looking couple! Let's see, married in 2003. That means another grandchild in ???? Hey, no pressure, whenever you all are ready. (grin)

We are very, very proud of both of these "beautiful people".

How sweet. Now, please cut the grass!

Liam at 3 months. This is one happy baby!

Mike, Kim, and Liam. We are so proud of you all. A beautiful family in a Christian home. I think that I'll rest well tonight.



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