William Sinclair

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General Sessions Court file number 1792
State of South Carolina
Union District

Be it Remembered, That on the 9th of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty two personally appeared before me, William Sinclear and William A H Bevill who acknowledged themselves to be indebted to the State of South Carolina, that is to say, the said William Sinclear in the sum of Two Hundred Dollars and the said William A. H. Bevill in the sum of Two Hundred Dollars, to be levied of their several Lands, and Tenements, Goods and Chattels, respectively, to and for the use of the said State, if the above mentioned William Sinclear shall
fail in performing the Condition under written.

THE CONDITION OF THIS RECOGNIZANCE IS SUCH, That if the above bound Wm. Sinclear shall personally appear before the Justices of the State aforesaid, at the next Court of General Sessions of the peace, Oyer and Terminer, Assize and General Gaol Delivery, to be holden at the usual place of Judicature on the 3d Monday in March then and there to answer to a Bill of Indictment to be preferred against Him by Jeain Holcomb for the peace and to do and receive what shall be enjoined by the Court, and not to depart the Court without License; and in the mean time, the said Will Sinclear do keep the Peace of the said State, and be of good behaviour towards all the Citizens thereof, and especially towards Jeain Holcomb then this Recognizance to be viod, or else remain in full force and virture.

Taken and acknowledged, the Day }
Year above written, before me,

Raroan? Bevill  J.P.

William  X  Sinclear
Wm At. Bevill

To Wm A. Bevill Const.

South Carolina
Union District

For as much as Jeain Holcomb of said District hath personally come before me and duly made oath that she the said Jeain Holcomb is afread William Sinclear of said district will but ?? ???? her some bodily hurt and hath therefore prayd security of the peace against the said William Sinclear.

These are therefore to require you immediatly on the Receipt hereof to bring the said William Sinclear before me to find surety as well for his personal appearance at the next General Sessions of the peace and to be holdan at Union Court House on the 3d Monday of this instant as aslo for his keeping peace in the mean time to Ward all of the good people of this State and Cheerfully to wards the said
Jeain Holcomb.

Given under my hand and seal this 5th day of March 1842

Rardon Bevill  JP

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