Grand Lodge of Ancient Free Masons of South Carolina

Annual Communication, April 2002

These are some of the photos from Grand Lodge 2002 Banquets.  The first 14 photos are from the Grand Master's Banquet.  The following 8 from the Grand Lodge Banquet and the final shot is at the end of Grand Lodge. 

Photos 16 and 17 are of the Grand Master, Lynne and I as he presents me with the Frederick Dalcho award, the 2nd highest award that he can bestow.  I was absolutely shocked by this recognition.  Thank you Grand Master!

It was a good time being with the Brethren and their guests. 

(l to r) Judy and Guy, Sr. Grand Deacon, and Lynne

Jack Grady, PM with his lovely daughter

Bro. Earl, PM and Past Grand Steward

(l to r) RW Grand Secretary/PGM G. Ray with Mel

In background, center,Croft, PM and Past Grand Officer and others at their table

(l to r) MW Grand Master G. Kent Elkins and RW Bob Kendrick

(l to r) Charlie, PM and Grand Pursuivant, his wife, and Mark, PM

RW/PGM Grand Treasurer Sam and his lovely wife!

(l to r) RW Deputy Grand Master Jack and Mel

Grand Master's table

(l to r) Mel and Grand Master G. Kent Elkins

(l to r) RW Bro Jerry Carver, Grand Junior Warden and PM, Past Grand Officer, Croft

(l to r) Mel and RW Grand Jr. Warden, Jerry Carver

Bro Jack Grady with his "formal bib".

(left in forground moving clockwise Brethren with wives), WM Art, Jack, Mel and Croft

Most Worshipful Grand Master Elkins shocks Mel by presenting him with the Frederick Dalcho award, the 2nd highest award that the GM can bestow.

(l to r), GM Elkins, Lynne and Mel with award. Thanks to Bro Charlie for snapping this photo!

MW presents the Mackey award, the highest award that he can bestow, to PGM of Alabama MW Bro Joe Brackin

MW Bro Joe is a class act and has contributed so much to Masonry!

Bro Guy takes to the podium

(l to r) What an honor with Ill:. H. Wallace Reid, 33, S. G. I. G. in South Carolina congratulation Mel on his Dalcho award

(l to r) PM Mark, PM Kenny, and Mel are about to call it a night!

Pursuivant's sword ... I'm ready to put my kilt back on!




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