Some of the "Old Family Photos"

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Tommy and Jette Gregory, Lynne's parents

Melvin Sr. & Marian, Melvin Jr.'s parents (1970)

Mel Jr. and Lynne, 1991

Melvin Sinclair, Sr., abt 1943

Melvin Sinclair, Sr. & girlfriend abt 1943

GG Grandfather: James "Pap" Sinclair, 1811-1905 with wife Susan.

GG Grandfather: James "Pap" Sinclair, 1811-1905 and wife Susan, perhaps with daughters (?)

Great Grandfather: Nimrod "N.T." Sinclair b. 1858-1931 Married Sally Morris (1858-1897). Pictured with son Victor.

Lynne Sinclair, honeymoon, Florida, 1970

The Ralph Gregory Clan (Lynne's uncle, cousins, etc.)

Henry and Rowenna's 50 anniversary with Ralph, Betty and their family

Lynne on family vacation abt 1954

Lynne & Beth, abt 1958

The Villagers, Mel 3rd from left, abt 1968, Panama City, Fla abt 3:00am

More of the Villagers, Mel left photo w/trumpet, Panama City, Fla, abt 1968

Melvin Sinclair, Jr. 1st Birthday 1949 @ Great-Granny McKain's

Melvin Sinclair, Jr. abt 1952

Melvin Sinclair Jr. 1st Grade, 1954


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