Gathering, Banquet, and AGM

Our Chief, Malcolm Sinclair, the Earl of Caithness, will be the Honored Guest for the 2010 edition of the Greenville Games, Greenville, SC, Memorial Day, Friday, May 28 and Saturday, May 29.  We will hold our AGM at the Games on Saturday.

Special Guest for the Greenville Games will be Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, paying a Royal visit!

Clan Sinclair will have a banquet on Saturday evening, May 29, 2010 after the Games.  The banquet will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Greenville, host hotel to our Clan and the Greenville Games.  Call for special rates for the Scottish Games and Clan Sinclair.

Plan to attend the downtown Greenville Games parade starting at 6:00pm, followed by the Clans Reception at 7:00 (Hilton Hotel).  The Games will be held at Furman University on Saturday.  Come early to avoid heavy traffic.  You won't want to miss the opening ceremonies with the Prince speaking and our Chief opening the Games.

More information will be posted regarding the Clan Sinclair Banquet as it becomes available!

Link to my letter to the Clans with information about the Games.

Link for the Patron's package for the Greenville Games.  All clans registered to attend the Greenville Games may use this form.

Link for Parade Entry form (not to be used by Sinclairs...we're registered!)

Link for the Clan Sinclair Banquet.  The Clan Sinclair Banquet will be held on Saturday evening, May 29, 2010, after the Greenville Games.  Click on this link for further information.  The document includes a letter with instructions and the letter of invitation.  The banquet is to honor our Chief, The Rt Honorable, the Earl of Caithness, Malcolm Sinclair.

Please try to attend!

Hilton Hotel Registration and contact information:

  • Link to register on-line.
  • Contact Information for Hilton Hotel:
  • Group Name: Greater Greenville Scottish Games and Highland Festival
  • Group Code: GGS (if needed)   Rates available from May 27-May 30, 2010
  • 45 West Orchard Park Drive, Greenville, SC 29615-3548
  • Tele: 1-800-Hiltons or 1-800- 445-8667

Let me know if you have questions ....  Best aye,

Mel Sinclair

President, Clan Sinclair USA

864-268-3550 or click on this link to send me e-mail.

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