Ill. Brother Isaac Auld Timeline

By: Ill. Bro. McDonald “Don” Burbidge, 33° 

Illustrious Brother Isaac Auld’s parents were born in Scotland, immigrated to France, and then moved onto the United States of America settling at Norristown, Pennsylvania. The exact date of Brother Jacob Auld birth and entrance to this country is unknown but what is known is that Jacob and Lydia had one son born who they named Isaac Auld. 

Brother Jacob Auld was a member of “Old Lodge No. 8” of Pennsylvania, which held it’s meeting in the courthouse at Norristown. 

Records show that Jacob Auld was Adjunct of the Sixth Battalion of Associates in Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War. His name appears in the list of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania taxable for 1779. Jacob Auld also was a member of Montgomery County’s first Grand Jury on December 28, 1784 and was also was Excise Tax Collector for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in 1789. 

In 1793-1794, Jacob Auld is shown as holding warrants to 1200 acres of land in nearby Luzern County, Pennsylvania. It is known that Jacob Auld, like thousands of others, known to be followers of the Stuart “Contenders”, fled from Scotland, stopped in France for a while and then proceeded to America. 

1770  Ill. Bro. Isaac Auld was born on February 25, at Norristown, Pennsylvania to Jacob and Lydia Auld. 

1789  Isaac Auld became a Mason on August 18 at “Old Lodge No. 8,” which was the same lodge that his father was a member of. 

1798  Isaac Auld and Miss Frances Miot are married whom he first met at Dock Street Theater in Charleston, South Carolina it was love at first sight. 

1801  Brother Auld is listed as the Grand Secretary of the Sublime Grand Lodge of Perfection on September 23. 

April 01, Dr. Auld is elected the 65th member of the South Carolina Medical Society.  

Listed under “People and Professions of Charleston, South Carolina for the year 1782-1802” will be found the following: Profession s most often listed was physicians 2% of Charleston population and also listed was this, ”Dalcho & Auld, Apothecaries, 132 East Bay Street.” 

May 31, Dr. Isaac Auld is listed as a founding member of the first Supreme Council for the Scottish Rites, which is originated in Charleston, South Carolina along with following; 

          Col. John Mitchell, Sov. Grand Commander

          Dr. Fredrick Dalcho, Lt. Grand Commander

          Emanuel de La Motta, Treasurer General of the Holy Empire

          Abraham Alexander, Secretary General of the Holy Empire

          Major T.B. Bowen, Grand Master of Ceremonies

          Israel de Lieben, Sov Gr Inspector-General

          Dr. Isaac Auld, Sov Gr Inspector-General

          Moses C. Levy, Sov Gr Inspector-General

          Dr. James Moultrie, Sov Gr Inspector-General 

1803  March 21, Ill. Bro. Frederick Dalcho delivered an “Oration” before the Sublime Grand Lodge of Masons in Charleston, South Carolina. Ill. Bro. Frederick Dalcho at the time was the Inspector General and Grand Master of the Sublime Grand lodge of South Carolina and Isaac Auld was the Sovereign Grand Inspector General at the time. At the end of this “Oration” two Anthems were sung. Anthem one was written by Brother Thomas Dunkerly then Brother Isaac Auld, Grand Inspector General, wrote Grand Commander of the Knights of K.H. AnthemII. 

1805  Jacob Auld (Isaac Auld’s father) died in Norristown Pennsylvania on December 12, and is buried in Norristown, Pennsylvania.   

1812  During the War of 1812 Dr. Auld is given the rank of an Officer in the militia located on Edisto Island. He was responsible for two fortifications of defense while in this office. 

1820  April 12, Dr. Auld attends a meeting at Columbia University, New York, for a College of Physicians and Surgeons. He leaves Charleston to settle at Edisto Island. 

June 8, Dr. Isaac Auld returns to Charleston to take up his practice once again. He makes known his return in an announcement of the Charleston Courier to resume his practice. His doctor’s office is now located at No. 15 St. Philip’s Street which was the late residence of A. Markley, Esq..

1822  February, Upon Ill. Brother Frederick Dalcho’s resignation as it’s Grand Commander

Dr. Auld issued a new Letters of Constitution for the Council of Princes of Jerusalem at Charleston, inactive since the fire of 1819. It was issued to Illustrious Brothers Moses Holbrook, Horatio Gates Street, Alexander McDonald, Robert Carr, and Joseph McCosh. Dr. Auld signed this document as Acting Grand Commander, and it was signed also by Dr. James Moultrie as Acting Lieutenant Grand Commander, and by Moses Clava Levy as the Treasurer General. 

November 15 in a meeting Dr. Isaac Auld along with other members of the Supreme Council elected Dr. Moses Holbrook and Horatio Gates Street as new members to the Supreme Council. Two days later they meet again to elect Brother Alexander McDonald and Joseph McCosh to the same council. 

1823  Ill. Brother Isaac Auld succeed Ill. Brother Frederick Dalcho after he resigns from the Grand Lodge and becomes the new Grand Commander of the Supreme Council in Charleston in Dr. Auld as Grand Commander, the Supreme Council at Charleston begun to turn its attention to John Fowler who had wrote to Dalcho expressing his desires to open a 33rd Degree in Ireland. A letter was written to John Fowler inquiring if he was still interested.  John Fowler wrote back that he was still anxious but since the Duke of Leinster, Grand Master of Free Masons of Ireland had appointed him his Deputy Grand Master he thought it proper to appoint the Grand Duke with this title instead. John also suggested that he be appointed the title of Lieutenant General of the Grand Commander instead. John Fowler suggestion to Isaac Auld was carried out with the necessary documents being sent to him.

1824  August 13 Dr. Auld issues a letter of patent on August 13 to the Duke of Leinster as Grand Commander, John Fowler as Lieutenant Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Thirty-third Degree for Ireland, and Thomas McGill as Treasurer General. 

1825  Dr. Auld had writes Joel R. Poinsett to advise him of his election as an honorary member of the Agricultural Society. 

The membership of the Supreme Council stood as follows at the close of the year:

ISSAC AULD, Grand Commander, Moses Holbrook, Lieutenant Grand Commander, James Moultrie, Secretary General, M. C. Levy, Treasurer General, Horatio G. Street, Alexander McDonald, Joseph McCosh, John Barker, Joseph Eveleth (Massachusetts), John Roche, Giles F. Yates, (New York), Frederick Dalcho, Past Grand Commander 

1826  Dr. Isaac Auld passed away at his resident on Edisto Island on October 17, 1826 at the age of 52 from Country fever which he contacted when he caught a heavy rain shower while showing his friend Mr. Hardy of Pennsylvania his field of long staple cotton. He is buried at the Episcopal church on Eddingsville, located on Edisto Island (located about 70 miles from Charleston) and about 0.5 miles off the mainland which was later washed away during a violet hurricane storm in the late 1880’s. Mr. Hardy also passes away three days after Dr. Auld.

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