The War Between The States Information

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Chichester's Grave

Charleston Forts

General Micah Jenkins

Grave Markers

Grave Sites

Robert E. Lee's Grandson's Grave

Confederate Soldiers, Magnolia Cemetery

Magnolia Cemetery

Map of Charleston

Masonic Walk

Timrod Poem


Click here to find out how the streets on the Walking Tour got their names.  Don't miss this page!

Read this most interesting history of Union Kilwinning Lodge No 4.   What a rich history.  Read about happenings from the War Between the States era.  See the original alter and other photos.   Read about Stephen Girard's Masonic Patent.  Click here to see the scanned document.

More on "who fired the first shot" in the War Between the States ... and "who" fired the last shot ... well, there may be a "little" speculation but it's a good read!


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