John Roddy (also spelled Roddey) b ca. 1730 County Donegal, Ireland, Wife ? John Roddy’s eldest son David, first came to America in 1781 as a surveyor in Army of Cornwallis during the Revolution War.  He returned to Ireland after the War and when he received his discharge he returned to America in 1788 bringing his wife and two small brothers. Apparently his parents had passed away. David and his wife raised the two boys who were John Andrew and William.

John Andrew Roddy b ca. 1785 in Ireland  Nancy White b ca. 1800 in Penn.

John Andrew Roddy and Nancy White Roddy lived in vicinity of White Mill (see 1825 Map of Chester Co.). White Mill was a gristmill built in the late 1700’s by a family of Whites from Penn., possibly from the “Penn Dutch” area. We think Nancy was a member of this family. She spoke with a “Penn-Dutch” accent. She had certain Mennonite type beliefs peculiar to this group and lived in the area of White’s Mill.

Nancy and John Andrew planned to follow neighbors who had left Chester to escape consequences of slavery. Nancy died about that time and John Andrew left to locate a home for his family. He was never heard from again.   They had 5 children. They were Mary (Polly), David b 1830. Rachel b 1833, William b 1842, and Henry b 1850

William Roddy b 1842 d 1902  Susannah Malissa Tennant b Dec. 10, 1858 both buried in Chester-Evergreen Cemetery 

Willie Gertrude Roddy b 1890, d 1975 Whitmire, SC  William Frank Sinclair b 1884 in Spartanburg Co. SC d Sept. 4, 1952 in Whitmire, SC,  Married 1908 in Whitmire SC--both buried in Whitmire, Cemetery (See Sinclair Line)

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