Ancient Grand Lodge of South Carolina

by Ill. Bro. Don Burbidge


NOTE from Mel Sinclair:  The Seal of the Ancient Grand Lodge was "discovered" by MW Bro. G. Ray Marsh, RW Bro. Gerald "Jerry" Carver, and Ill. Bro. Don Burbidge.

Brother Mel:

As you and the brethren of South Carolina are aware, we have a South Carolina Grand Lodge Seal.  What is not known by many of the brethren is what the Ancient Grand Lodge seal looked like.

Attached to this email is a typed patent of Brother Lawrence Dermott who sent a charter to Philadelphia to establish the first Ancient Lodge in America. When you compare the seal on Brother Lawrence Dermott charter to that of  Philadelphia and the one on Brother Carleton patent of Charleston, S. C. you will see how they both look similar in design.

Please consider posting on the web site and letting the brethren know so that they may view the pictures mentioned above, including the Seal of the Ancient Grand Lodge of South Carolina that existed from 1783 through 1817. It must be mentioned that if you were a member of either one of these Grand Lodges you could not visit the other one which caused many problems for the brethren of South Carolina.

 In 1817 the Ancient and the Modern Grand Lodges ceased to exist and they then formed the "Ancient Freemason Grand Lodge of South Carolina," as we know it today. 

Sincerely and fraternally,

Brother Don





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