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Mark your calendar!  NOTE: The date has changed!

The Third Annual

Greater Greenville Scottish Games

 And Highland Festival

June 7, 2008 

Honored Guest: Margaret Eliott, Chief of the Games and Chief of Clan Elliot

Distinguished Guest:

Malcolm Sinclair, Chief of Clan Sinclair

James McBain, Chief of Clan MacBean

For questions or comments

Pam Ashley - gvlgirl@bellsouth.net

Mel Sinclair - Mel@ClanSinclairSC.org  (864-268-3550)

Click on the following to download pdf files:  (To download the Free pdf Reader, click here)

Greenville Games 2008 Official Brochure  NOTE: Large file, 8+ MB

Letter to the Clans, from Mel Sinclair, Exec Board Member and Director of Clan Events (initial letter to Clans)

Clans Registration Form, 2008 Clan Registration Form, same package price as previous years. To pay by credit card, you may register online using our secure payment process.  Quick, simple and safe. If you pay by check, you must do so by using the Clans Registration form and mailing it to the Games office (address on form).  Of course, you have the option of paying by credit card using the form and simply mailing to the Games office or faxing the information to 864-322-5646.

Main Field Clan Tent Layout: Clan Listing, Alphabetically

Parade Brochure - Must register if your Clan marches in this "Fantabulous" event!  Must sign waiver also.  Mail this form with your Clan Registration.

Patron Sponsor Packages for Clan affiliated .... NOT for General Public.  Cost effective if you attend the Clans Reception at the Historic Westin Poinsett Hotel, South Main St., near the end of the Friday evening parade.

City Map, good for parade, parking, route to Furman University, and generally to assist in not getting lost!

Border Collie Invitational--- NEW!  Plans are for 2009 to be sanctioned event.

Writing Contest -- We're looking for a Clan Laureate ...... First Place Prize $$

Clan Registration Form available on the Official Website If you have a problem, send me an e-mail.

Visit the Official Greenville Games Website for more exciting information!

Go to the the Official Greenville Games website from this link.

INTERACTIVE MAP:  Click here for directions to the Westin Poinsett Hotel and Peace Center for the Performing Arts, S. Main Street, Greenville, SC, place for the Clans Reception (Westin Poinsett Hotel) and Ceilidh (Peace Center Amphitheatre) on Friday evening. 

Click here for Westin Poinsett Hotel Website, Greenville, SC


Clan Sinclair USA Annual General Meeting and Banquet Registration (Insert from Yours Aye Clan newsletter)

Clan Sinclair USA Annual General Meeting and Banquet Registration  PDF Download

INTERACTIVE MAP:  Click here for directions to the Phoenix Inn, Greenville, SC, place for the Clan Sinclair USA Saturday evening banquet?


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