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The Mel Sinclair Clan


Motto: Commit Thy Work To God

Music: Scotland The Brave

Clan Sinclair was Honored Clan at the 2004 Grandfather Mountain (NC) Highland Games.  Click here for photos and a Games report.

My name is Mel Sinclair and I have enjoyed revising and adding to these pages. I hope that you enjoy them. "Kind" comments are welcomed. I have arranged these Family "Clan" and Scottish related pages according to the following topics. Click on any of interest. 

  • Father-in-law, Charles Thomas "Tommy" Gregory passes, leaving a legacy of love for his Faith, Family, Friends and knowing where he will be forevermore.  Click above link for Obituary and Eulogy (written by Mel Sinclair on behalf of the family).
  • Meet The Chief of Clan Sinclair.  We are extremely proud of the Hereditary Chief of Clan Sinclair, with his bio and links to more photos.
  • Melvin "Mel" Sinclair, Jr. elected President of Clan Sinclair Association, Inc. (USA) at the July 2005 Clan Gathering in Scotland.  The four (4) year term begins January 1, 2006.
  • Sinclair/St. Clair Y-DNA project.  Read more about the project and how you may participate!  I have already done so and the results will become more meaningful as more "Sinclairs" participate.  Consider ordering your kit today
  • The Current Mel Sinclair Clan Greenville, SC, USA and the Family Lineage to about 1780.  View some very old photos and a link to some "court documents"; also, a link to the "Photo Gallery" page for more photos than you have time to look at!  This is a page "in progress".
  • Mel and Freemasonry - Creator, designer, and first Webmaster for the Grand Lodge of South Carolina, A.F.M (now "Past Webmaster"), creator of the first e-mail list to publicize "events" in this Grand Jurisdiction (now "Past e-mail list creator"), received the second highest honor that can be conferred by the Grand Master, officer for Walden Lodge #274, officer or past head of three York Rite Mason bodies, and in 2004 was appointed Illustrious Grand Steward for the Illustrious Grand York Rite Council of South Carolina.  Member of Scottish Rite Masons.  All of the above are for naught if one's heart isn't in the right place.  It has been an honor and a pleasure (a labor of love) to serve the Brethren of this fine jurisdiction.  I have been fortunate to have found ways to contribute.  God blesses us all with our own unique talents.  Let's use them for His Glory!
  • Mel and the Sovereign Military Order of The Temple of Jerusalem (SMOTJ)
  • Clan Sinclair Page for contact with Clan Sinclair USA and other Clan organizations as well as info on the Clan Tartans and Names of Extended family (Septs).  Check this list, you may be a cousin!  Get a Clan Sinclair application and join today!!  Want to join one or more Sinclair related e-mail lists?  The info is on this page.
  • This page is absolutely full of Sinclair related information and things Scottish! Let's play a game:  Columbus? Prince Henry? Knights Templar? North America? Which of the aforementioned doesn't belong? Ha-ha! This page has enough links to interesting Sinclair related topics and sites to keep you busy for a very long time.  Link to the Mystery Channel's  video clips on Rosslyn, etc.  Read about the the Chapel Builder, Knights Templar, Freemasonry (Sinclair was the first Grand Master of Masons), Bannockburn, and much more!
  • Highland Games and Festivals What do they do at those Games and Festivals? Where are Games in the USA being held?  You can find out here!
  • Highland Games -- want to see some photos? Go to the Photo Gallery and scroll down a bit.
  • Andrew Spratt's prints and narratives of Castles/battles as they may have looked in Medieval Scotland. Excellent works by this very talented and knowledgeable man!
  • Documents Page:  Declaration of Arbroath, US constitution, bill of rights, articles of confederation, etc.
  • Faith Page - Created for my family and especially the Grandchildren as they grow.
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