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Welcome to a very unique part of the Mel Sinclair Clan web page.  My very talented internet friend, Andrew Spratt (andrew@aspratt5.wanadoo.co.uk), has graciously bestowed upon this page several prints of his paintings showing us what it may have looked like in Scotland "a few years ago." Please join me and enjoy Mr. Spratt's shared collection and commentary.  His bio and email address may be found at the end of the page.  I hope that you enjoy the contributions by Mr. Andrew Spratt as much as I have  enjoyed making them available.  Andrew.... here's to you, my friend..........

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Illustrations and Commentary by Andrew Spratt

Revised: December 23, 2011

Posted as of March 21, 2002

AirviewGirnigoe.JPG (120310 bytes)                 ArmadaTantallon.JPG (55598 bytes)                 Braal 500's1e.JPG (114513 bytes)

Air View of Girnigoe,        Armada at Tantallon 1588     Braal Castle 500's
Sinclair Castle                    Armada Narrative

Buchollie1e.JPG (114158 bytes)                Scrabster1e.JPG (123715 bytes)                  CloseScrab1.JPG (73823 bytes)

Bucholie Castle                  Scrabster Castle                    Close-up of Scrabster
Bucholie Narrative
             Scrabster Narrative

PlanScrabster1.JPG (56760 bytes)                Clythcastle1e.JPG (136947 bytes)                Dirleton1e.JPG (66701 bytes)

Plan of Scrabster Castle      Clyth Castle                       Dirleton Castle
                                           Clyth Narrative
                                           (Sir James Gunn)               Dirleton Narrative


Dirletonsnow1e.JPG (63940 bytes)               Dunivaig.JPG (59229 bytes)                Herdmanston.JPG (50711 bytes)

Dirleton Castle                  Dunivaig Castle                  Herdmanston Photo
(Photo Snow)                                                             Herdmanston Narrative

Inverlochycastle1e.JPG (106194 bytes)                Kildrummycastle1e.JPG (98423 bytes)              Newcastle14021e.JPG (118379 bytes)

Inverlochy Castle              Kildrummy Castle              Newcastle 1402 Narrative
Inverlochy Narrative

DovecotHerd1e.JPG (45384 bytes)               Wickcastle1e.JPG (92272 bytes)               Dounreay1e.JPG (85091 bytes)

 Dovecot                              Wick Castle                    Dounreay Castle
 Dovecot Narrative


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        Still More new post, these of Andrew!

Andrew in his Sinclair Surcoat!  Great look there, Andrew!

assincsurcoat1e.JPG (46492 bytes)              assinpothelmet1e.JPG (45954 bytes)                assinclaysheild1e.JPG (53395 bytes)

Surcoat and Axe              Cooking Pot Helmet            Claymore & Shield

assinarrowsduck1e.JPG (94659 bytes)

Ducking the Arrows

Note from Andrew: I'm attaching some photos of me in my Douglas surcoat and 1350's armour on 'Oscar' borrowed from the local stables. I've been using this armour for tours with local schools and history societies. A. Spratt

asdougshield1.JPG (38177 bytes)              asDouglasshield1.JPG (28700 bytes)                 asdoug.JPG (26687 bytes)       


AndrewOscar2e.JPG (39298 bytes)             Andrewknight1e.JPG (43787 bytes)                  asbowlinggreen2e.JPG (59274 bytes)

                                 Andrew & Dummy Knight        AS Bowling Green

asdougbgreen.JPG (35251 bytes)              TebaMayor.JPG (88208 bytes)                Ocalafla19991e.JPG (38184 bytes)

Bowling Green                 Mayor of Teba Photos        Ocala, Fla. Games
                                        Teba Narrative                   Slide Show, (A. Spratt right)


Previous works of Mr. Spratt with much information in the narratives!

sprattg.jpg (44815 bytes)            sprattr.jpg (67888 bytes)                    sprattw.jpg (53985 bytes)

Girnigoe Castle              Roslin Castle                            Whitekirk Castle
Girnigoe Narrative         Roslin Narrative                        Whitekirk Narrative (includes two
                                                                                                                  other reconstructions and info on the
                                                                                                                  three lines of Sinclair's.)


spratth.jpg (70107 bytes)                                                                     sprattj.jpg (56099 bytes)

Sinclair of Herdmanston Castle                               The "Good Sir James" Douglas
Herdmanston Narrative
                                           Douglas/Sinclair Narrative

 sprattrc.jpg (58401 bytes)                                                    spratta.jpg (57856 bytes)

Ravenscraig Castle (Fifeshire)                                  Ackergill Castle with Girnigoe in the Background
Ravenscraig Narrative                                              Ackergill Narrative

astantal.jpg (40525 bytes)                                                    asnewca1.jpg (48607 bytes)

Tantallon Castle                                                     Sacking of Newcastle by the Scots
Tantallon Narrative with two other reconstructions        Newcastle Narrative

ashomil1.jpg (60542 bytes)

Battle of Homildon Hill
Homildon Hill Narrative           

Other Reconstructions by Mr. Spratt:

asdir.JPG (251132 bytes)                        askeiss.JPG (267700 bytes)                        asslain.JPG (241776 bytes)

Dirlot Castle 1350                      Keiss Castle                               Old Slains Castle

asnberc.JPG (261487 bytes)

North Berwick Castle

Mr. Spratt's Bio:

Andrew Spratt

I was born in Edinburgh in 1963 I'm married with two sons. At the moment I work for Historic Scotland as the Custodian of Dirleton castle about 25 miles east of Edinburgh.  Prior to this I was employed as a graphic Artist with the Scottish Examination Board while also doing history slide talks for SAGA and before this I worked as the Seasonal Custodian of Tantallon castle for nine years beside my father who was the head custodian. It was at Tantallon that I first used my reconstruction paintings of Scottish castles and battles to explain Scottish history to the castle visitors. As a boy I was inspired by the work of the late Allen Sorrell who did beautiful reconstruction drawings of mostly English castles. Whereas I planned to cover Scottish castles, battles and events from 1350 to 1650. I have produced over 200 different castle/battle/event reconstructions in the past 17 years for use in such publications as The Scots Magazine, East Lothian Life, Border Life and various History Society journals. In my spare time I also write history articles for Clan Newsletters in the U.S.

Before starting a reconstruction of a castle I dig out as much archaeological and architectural evidence as possible and as many prints of the chosen castle from the 1700's and 1800's,though in ruins even then they still give clues as to their original shape and form. There is even more research involved when doing reconstruction battles since heraldry, weapons, armour and even things like the style of horses bridles have to be check down to the last detail. In many castle reconstructions I simply superimpose the outline of the original castle onto the present ruin,almost rebuilding as it were level by level.  This drawing is then used as a template for the final watercolor painting.

I use these finished reconstructions in my history slide shows that I do for Schools, History Societies and Clan Societies to help people understand the 'true' history of Scotland. I try to make sense of it's wars with England. Not the simplistic version presented by the likes of Hollywood with tartan and bagpipes. Scotland as a nation was formed through centuries of blood shed that should be remembered but not glorified. These great castles were built as symbols of power but also as places of refuge to protect the Scots who lived in fear through years of invasion, raids, wars, counter invasions and political treachery. Scotland as a nation should learn from it's past not to make the same mistakes twice. These great ruins throughout Scotland stand as reminders of our uncivilised past.

Andrew Spratt

You can email Andrew at:  andrewsp2009@live.co.uk


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